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Introduction for Best 3 ways for Good Health


This is just not the Topic, a subject or a blog written for only a Post. It is more than that. It is the zest of the Indian researches of Ancient India . The content is provided to you with our main objective to let you gain good health and perfect Bliss.

Besides making you to enrich your Physical and Mental strengths we will focus on providing means and ways to gain innate energy. The energy which will never be lost . Hence You will be elated. We will wait for your comments and experiences.good-health

Please share your comments. We will try to deal with every subject related to your Physique, Illnesses of various types for example brain (mental illness), blood pressures, Diabetes, Cancer etc. along with their causes and cure, along with ways to get elated energies , Ways to enjoy human desires, to achieve a permanent source of eternal energy, etc.

The studied of ages cannot be delivered in few hours hence you will have to keep patience, listen it, and follow it.

Within a week you will start realizing the changes, while 30 – 45 days are recommended for you to have appreciable changes which you along with your fellow members will also recognize.

Our Suggestion for Best 3 ways for Good Health

We will suggest you to purchase the said commodities from the links provided under our SERVICE TAB.  We have provided many options for online purchase. Like that of Ayurveda herbs/medicines, Yoga Mats, a defined pattern of clothes, books or literature etc. from the selected Authentic Online Shopping Sites. They are exclusively selected for you.

The reason of their selection is our faith on their utilized Products. Our Team members, have used them for Practical experience, hence we have a faith on them. Moreover we don’t want you to compromise with your health issues.  

 We will request you to post us the comments of your fitness level. We will analyse them and share our thoughts and will also try to reply them, at the earliest. Our mutual communication will create our interest in delivering you the basics, fundamentals, and practices of Art of Living, along with Best 3 ways for Good Health, and alike subjects from very basics to the level of instructor .

We will explore the Journey step by step with you through our Posted Blogs. Only with your support, we will probably not stop until you yourself will send us the massage of attaining the Perfect Bliss. Thus qualifying for a process of attaining self enlightenment.

Since the topic is related to you we will request you to read it thoroughly before starting or practicing it.

A volley of questions may be arising in your mind, Such as


  1. What is the cost and time in attaining Best 3 ways for Good Health and perfect Bliss?

  2. By only reading will you be able to practice Best 3 ways for Good Health and get Perfect Bliss?

  3. What are the proven facts to rely on the mentioned techniques of Best 3 ways for Good Health and Perfect Bliss?

  4. The content posted under the Title Best 3 ways for good health-perfect bliss, explore now, can the content be treated authentic and genuinely true to be practiced?   

Such and alike questions need to be answered by me, at this very point. I know and believe that by bearing confusion in mind one cannot adapt and rely on the subject. The confusion on one hand will not only dither your faith but also keep you devoid from a very good opportunity, that too at you doorstep. The opportunity at your door step which is based on the relentless searches of the ages, and is now being delivered to you. That too free of cost.

Following are the reply of some of the triggering questions as stated above .

The content is free of cost from the pages of Best 3 ways for Good Health

  • Minimum of 30 days put into practice will start providing you the miraculous results. However after 3-4 days only you will start acknowledging the changes within you.
  • Moreover we have provided the links for your product purchases in our, SERVICES TAB, where you can find selective Online sites for delivery of the Product/material at your Door step.
  • They are having verities of good products from where you can select according to your Pocket. Video tutorials will be released and you may also purchase it, if you want. The articles/materials/products are not costly and easily affordable. Don’t worry at all. We are there to help you, for a noble cause.

Reading and than performing will provide you the entire Pleasure which you are searching for.

  • It’s by virtue of reading and then performing, through which you will surely achieve what we want you to achieve, off-course a Good Health by adopting Best 3 ways for Good Health. We will also post the videos, wherever necessary for your ease of understanding, to attain perfect Bliss.

Self- proven Facts which prove the intensity of Indian Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation .

good-healthThe self proven facts are the weights of the Swords, spear, saving shields, armour, their clothes used in the wars by the Indian warriors , which give a measure of their strength and good health for example Maharana Pratap, a known historic warrior used to carry a weight of 350 Kg, during the war time.

Best-3-ways-for-good-healthThe two swords weighing 208 kg, spear of 80 kg and armour of 72 Kg. Apart from carrying this weight he used to fight with both hands, swaying and hoisting the Sword. They used Ayurveda, medical herbs from natural vegetation used by them for long, healthy and energetic life. A way to perfect bliss.

Basic Ayurveda for self medication

The content will be dealing with ideology and basics of Ayurveda for self medication, Meditation to nurture your senses and yoga for Physical buildup, by eliminating existing disorders in your body and growing a very strong Immune system, the need of the day to bend the Covid19 or you can say to neutralize its effect on your body.

Various researches conducted by various agencies agree that there are Best 3 ways for Good Health.

Ayurveda, is Ist way out of the Best 3 ways for Good Health.

Best-3-ways-for-good-healthIt has a very holistic approach of medication and without any side effects. Ayurveda not suppresses the disease but eradicates it from the very root. Unlike contemporary medicines, which are commonly used. The thesis issued under International Journal of Advanced Education and research, volume 3, issue date- 1st of January, 2018, page 35-38 speak about the Art of healing without any negative, effect. The research speak of the presence of Vigour, vitality etc. its effects and cure by natural herbs. The art of healing mentioned in Ayurveda is being deciphered from the ages. It is believed to be written some 3500 years back.

Yoga, is the 2nd way out of the Best 3 ways for Good Health.

Best-3-ways-for-good-healthHistory of yoga is of many ages. Yoga, if practiced as per the required technique can entirely change your life, beyond your believe ( details in upcoming blog) The basic of yoga depend upon how to inhale and exhale Air. There are 8 type of main yoga. Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar,Bikaram,Jivamukti,Power yoga, Sivananda yoga, Yin yoga. We will deal them step by step, in our upcoming blogs.

Meditation is the 3rd way out of the Best 3 ways for Good Health.

The researches of Benjamin Sharpeo an instructor in psychiatry in Harvard Medical School ( HMS) and a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital’s ( MDH ) through the post published on April 9th, 2018, acknowledges the strength of Meditation in fighting of many mental disorders such as depression, anxiety etc. Meditation is the 3rd way out of the Best 3 ways for Good Health.

Best-3-ways-for-good-healthBesides these research paper you while your virtual tour will see a yogi, a saint walking with only an under garment to cover his under waist area and a shawl, walking in the realms of Himalayas, covered by Snow. They are reservoirs of energy and never shaken by the climatic changes, why? because they live a yoga culture and rely on Ayurveda. They meditate and hence carry a distinctive aura, a charismatic personality.

Namaste to All my brothers and sisters living on this Planet, “The  Earth “.leaf

We are all human beings created by the Almighty and having his divine soul within us. In Sanskrit, the language of the Oldest Civilization on earth, our Vedas mention, “ Aham bhram asmi “. This means that we are having a divine soul within us.

Through Best 3 ways for good health-perfect bliss, explore now. Let us together Explore Now, what are the causes of our poor health, a decaying health,  mental problem leading to depression, anxiety etc. Without exploring  the causes of several type of illness, which are gripping us with alarming pace we cannot determine their roots. Once the roots are recognized than we can bend them for once and all.

Why we make an urgent call to practice Best 3 ways for Good Health ?

BEST-3-WAYS-FOR-GOOD-HEALTHWhen we are the divine Soul; than it’s for sure that we are blessed with the Divine Powers. Just take a tour around you, you will find a major average of person running for possession, others in despair for not getting what they desired, person living in solitude, nobody to care them or even enjoy their presence etc.

The examples of people carrying a hostile attitude, striving for good health, or even fighting with many Chronic diseases for example Cancer, HIV, etc. are some of eminent examples.

If you have visited any Hospital, medical centre, than you will be Astound. Astound to Know the amount of expenditure the people are spending for the sake of their health and survival with no guarantee of the permanent eradication of the root cause of their disease.

Hence we make an urgent call to practice Best 3 ways for Good Health.

We are divine soul but struggling for Good health and eternal Happiness, why ?

Just try to investigate that inspire of Having such a divine inbuilt system with divine powers what has went wrong that we are struggling for Peace, Good health, true love, the bliss, and eternal happiness. What has compelled us to live a grieved life full of sorrow, unhealthiest, cruelty and unending run to full fill our endless desire .

Just analyse the Life History of ‘Alexandra, The Great’. A perfect example of a dictator. He ruled on major part of the world. His death was not in a perfect bliss but in sorrow and grief, utter Pain, why ? . Because he believed in possession .

His thought was to conquer the world. His Perfect bliss was in conquering which ultimately left him in sorrow during the time of his death. He symbolized his total loss by  putting his both the hands out of the boat to set an example . The example to provide a lesson to coming generation that there is nothing in acquiring in Possession .

You are going to lend nowhere if you start this unending race. Henceforth, we make an urgent call to follow Best 3 ways for Good Health.

To conclude from the pages of Best 3 ways for Good Health

Furthermore the investigation, the expeditions to various parts of the Planet, The Earth reveal that Definitely something major has happened on our Planet which has transformed this Planet from being a Place of Bliss to the Land of turmoil where even the question of Earths gradual extinct is becoming very tough to answer and so are the challenges to save it from the final ruin. Therefore we want to intimate you to apply Best 3 ways for Good Health.

History related with our Good health from the pages of Best 3 ways for Good Health

The content written under Best 3 ways for good health-perfect bliss, explore now. Investigates and reveals that the changes occurred in Phases and were relentless, since many decades. The engrossing of the ides of spanning of the Territory of the kingdom, Subjugation of the communities, the people living there and looting them in lieu to quench the thirst of Power and Pride, Probably are one of the important factors for inducing this change.

Preaching’s of Great souls and our lost faith

best-3-ways-for-good-healthAlthough we seem to have lost our faith in what was taught by our Past, yet we need to  Recall the Preaching’s of the Great Souls. How come we can be so shrewd to lose faith in true Philosophy of light preached by  Lord Gautama Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Jesus Christ, Gurunanak. Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. Recall there are only Best 3 ways for Good Health and perfect Bliss.

The preaching’s of the Great Saints and Epics read in India in the name of Ramayan and Mahabhartha, the Holy Bible in Europe and other countries, the Quran versed in the middle east and the Muslim countries along with Gurbani, recited  by the Sikhs have a common moral of , “ The True realization of the world along with the self realization of oneself”.

The inference from the pages of Best 3 ways for Good Health

After traversing through the pages of the Ancient Indian history along with the world history you will be astonished to know that the People enjoyed Trade and Culture. The people devoted their time for their Body, their Physique, for their internal realization and enjoyed togetherness.

They were endowed with Art and respect for their Culture. They used to exchange the thoughts on various subjects for the betterment of their surroundings. The Indians practiced yoga and meditation. The Ayurveda was their heeling Science or you may say their Art of Living, one of the ways out of Hence we make an urgent call to practice Best 3 ways for Good Health.

Our Moral values and preaching’s

The question than arises that why we have lost our moral of living though we know about the Livings and preaching’s of lord Gautama Buddha, lord Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad. Gurunanak. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama ?

The answer is very simple; we have lost Faith on our moral. We believe that only the earnings can provide us what we want in this world. But is it only the truth?. No, never. Rather this thought of possession, for making more and more of money and other materials is engulfing your time, ultimately to leave you in anguish, in despair etc. Because the race in which you entered in unending  and without any true result.

The outward pleasures from the material can never be permanent. All these and alike feelings as a result of your race have made you infuriated. This infuriated feeling from a person to person, from community to community, from region to region and from Country to Country has engulfed the true pleasures, the poised thoughts of Living.

Our vision and growing Air Pollution? thoughts and activities, also pollute the Environment.

The vision to attain the matter has changed the calmness and purity level of the Air. The Air of despair, infuriated thoughts  loaded with Polluted Particles is thus blowing on our Planet, “ Earth “. And so is the result that we are now the bunch of people furious and perhaps living the life of isolation (Isolated, here means that no one seems to care for you till they have some vested interest in you).

How can we develop the utter confidence in ourselves and develop the self realization?

BEST-3-WAY-FOR-GOOD-HEALTHBy deciphering the researches of Indian History through the ages of the Vedic People and acknowledging the written Vedas, seeing the Practicing Saints and by following them in practicality, I can surely tell you that first you need to cleanse yourself by adopting yoga and process of self-englightment by meditation.

This will enhance Physical and Mental endurance in your Body besides eluding all the dust of ages on your Soul . Your immune system will be inaccessible to any internal or external invasion by Negative thoughts, any germs, viruses, Pandemics etc, thus a way to have perfect bliss.

You can thus attain these endurances only by applying  Best 3 ways for Good Health.

The purpose of meditation

Meditation will help to attain the will Power. It will awaken your sleeping senses to make you realize of yourself. What for you are here on this earth and to what your ultimate aim should be?

BEST-3-WAYS-FOR-GOOD-HEALTHThe equation which will enrich you physically will also make you control on your senses. This will nurture your activities. You will then be unaffected by any senses to provoke you for any kind obsession to attain the unattained. Ultimately you realize you’re your will power has increased.

From here onwards your natural conscience will start making you realize the Ultimate truth Example of Lord Buddha, Ashoka, the great etc. reveal the fact. It is perhaps from here that you will start or initiate your moments for the cause of Humanity. The divine Pleasures are than bound to come. Just focus on Best 3 ways for Good Health and perfect Bliss ( the details will be discussed in our upcoming blogs). thus a way for you to have perfect bliss.

What is the meaning of self medication?

Self medication is the one of the main Art of living where a person realizes his Physique and by diagnosing the various causes providing an imbalance in his Physique, resolves them by himself. The Ayurveda is the Veda which explicitly explains the various factors responsible for creating an imbalance in Vayu, Piths and Kauf, responsible for all the diseases existing in this world.

Ayurveda and the Ancient Indian History

Best 3 ways for good health-perfect bliss, explore now . The process of exploration and the researches of Ancient Indian History reveals that Ayurveda has mentioned the causes and remedies of the diseases so that the diseases may be eradicated from the Society and the mankind, as a whole. So as to attain the incessant Bliss and happiness with a long life. Basically Ayurveda is based on the extracts of various shrubs and herbs found in the varied Indian vegetation.best-3-way-for-good-health

The best part of this process of healing is that it does not have any side effects as contained in the contemporary medicines based on inorganic salts, being widely used.

The Ayurveda, one of the important way out of the Best 3 ways for Good Health. will not only save your time, heavy expenses but will eliminate the disease from its very root cause. This Veda acts on the causes of the diseases and does not use any depressants to immediately depress the disease.

Art of Living and Ayurveda

Above all, it believes in preaching you the Art of life to keep you healthy by maintaining your time management and healthy eating habits in relevance to region and climate, you are living in. It teaches to understand the Law of Mother Nature ( detail in coming blogs)and comprehend you to live by adapting the law of nature. Thus a way to have perfect bliss.

Your way to self realization will grow relentlessly by the help of meditation. The ways and means of meditation, their time management and the meaning of self realization will be dealt in our upcoming blogs.

Study of Ayurveda, A Conclusion

Its by Virtue of Healthy body and personified soul, the two main outcome of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. The Best 3 ways for good health, divine Pleasures with a Perfect Bliss are Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga. It’s because of your perfect strength of your Body and soul that  You can start changing the Negative Vibration in the blowing wind. This is the demand of the time, in presence.

In present times the negative vibrations in the Environment are required to be stooped at the earliest.

These negative vibrations full of hatred, imperialistic attitude, Whimsical approach to life, etc. are devastating our lives. Ultimately they can extinct our Planet, also.

How to build positive vibrations?

Its only by inducing of Positive vibration in the environment that we can nullify the impact of negative vibrations.  The Air of positivity, holiness, Joy and unending bliss when spoken or reflected from your functioning is required.

This initiates the growth of positive vibrations. when these positive vibrations will start flourishing from person to person and from region to region, the negatively polluted vibrations in the blowing wind will extinct gradually to provide the required Aura, required for all of us.best-3-ways-for-good-health

How to Self medicate and meditate 

We will provide you the innate energy required by you, at this time. We will tell you the means and ways to get it. Get an practice it, share it because you are the one who will change the entire Aura not only by understanding and practicing it, but also sharing it, on urgent basis.

Just practice Best 3 ways for Good Health and perfect Bliss. believe me, No Pandemic or any Virus, etc. will have the power to invade your body till your life and you will attain the perfect Bliss and happiness.

The tuning of yourself with the Mother Nature and the time management required for healthy life as Per the Indian Ayurveda, along with many interesting facts will be discussed in upcoming Blog –

how to start for Good health, find 3 ways, Explore Now”

Have a Pleasant time.

Take a very good care of yourself,

Always try to take deep breath, and water in sips, Enjoy.

We owe to provide every assistance required to make your tour to India, a complete success .  And that too free of cost.

To Know further, Please visit our Content under the name “Places to Visit India “

A Team of Guide to Indian Tourism especially invites you.




Our Virtual Touring Journey along with you will start via Posted Blogs. Really they are going to reincarnate you, your entire life style. Just be with us.

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