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In India, there are many such states with their powerful special history. from the pages of Jaipur Pink city of India.

Namaskar  !            The road less travelled is less travelled for a reason a very famous quote which people like us add as captions on our Instagram and other social media accounts, the reason why am I telling you this is I am at Jaipur JAIPUR PINK CITY OF INDIA  today where I am going to give you a detail tour of this PINK CITY. A holiday is an opportunity to journey within it is also a chance to chill, to relax.

Let us start our journey and known the Secrete of Jaipur The Pink city of India when I were a first planning our India travel itinerary Jaipur was one of the places that I insisted on adding to the list. There are only handful of ‘Pink Cities’ around the world & I wanted to see this one! But before that let’s take a look at the State in which this alluring city is located.


I have come to Visit you with the information of beautiful, kingdom RAJASTHAN It is a (‘land of king’) was formally Called Rajputana Before 1947. When India achieved independence from British rule, it comprised Some two-dozen princely State and chiefships. The Small British-administered province of Ajmer – Marwar. After 1947, the princely State and chiefships were integrated into India in stages and the State took the name Rajasthan.

Our packaging and Luggage.

Travelling it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.

I have read in books since my childhood and had inspire me to visit these places

I stuffed my luggage into the bag too.

  • Pairs of shoes and sleepers.
  • Bring warm comfortable clothes
  • Sunglasses as the sun can be strong even in the winter.
  • A small first Aid kit along with Vicks and general medicines.
  • Copies of ID card along with original required documents.
  • Pairs of masks, hand Sanitizer. Some packed food, sweets, chips and water bottles.
  • Most important to carry ‘Niramaya butti’ pouches which will enhance your immune system.

Reason for visiting Jaipur from the pages of Jaipur  Pink city of India

My 11 pm Train to Jaipur, travelling by train is one of the most awe-striking experiences I have ever faced. It is an experience of lifetime and is a memory to cherish. A Train Journey is beautiful and the is no scope to get bored.

The crowd is so Universal that one can spot people belonging to most meagre professions & people belonging to high paid Jobs, Beggars, midwives and maidservants. I was in train and I buy some Salted peanuts in small pouches toffees and Namkeens! I had made some friend while travelling to train to grab a bite to eat with. I’ve had incredibly enlightening discussion about global issues, laughed Until I cried and made Unforgettable memories. The journey was bit long we talked so much that there was nothing left to talk about. Uncle Sitting there was listening to all our stories. He easily asked me If I would give him Some information about

History of Jaipur from the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

Old name of Jaipur (‘Pink city’) Jaipur got the name “Pink city” in 1853, when the reigning king Sawai Ram Singh painted all royal & official buildings in Sandstone Colour to commemorate the visit of Prince Of wales to city.

How did Jaipur get its name?

Jaipur was founded in 1727 by the Rajput ruler Jaisingh ll, the ruler of Amer, after whom the city named JAIPUR.


Relation and war between Marwar and Mughal from the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

The battle of Gangwon was a military engagement. Fought between kingdom of mar war and the combined army of Jaipur kingdom and Mughal empire in 1741. Jaipur army and their allies retreat peace treaty favourable to Marwar mediated after a battle.

When Jaipur was under British occupation?

Jaipur is a kingdom of India centered on Jaipur town and later a princely state during British period.it existed from 12th century and was in subsidiary alliance with British from 1818 until their withdraw from India in august 1947.

jaipur principal street

In 1947, India become independent and state merge into the union of India. Jaipur become the “1st city in India”. The uncle was glad to hear all about Jaipur and he wants to listen more and more about Jaipur.   

More about JAIPUR from the pages of Jaipur Pink city of India

Uncle ask can you tell me more about the culture and tradition of Jaipur.

Jaipur’s culture heritage has been known far and wide attracting scores of tourists every year. I was also over whelmed when I told them this

“most importantly also to see the culture and traditions followed by natives of the land. Some interesting facts about Jaipur”

The city wall = built in 1727, when maharaja Jaisingh II. Founded in city, the old city was encircled by a six meters high and three meters thick wall known as city wall of Jaipur. Sawai raja jai Singh II partly did the architecture of these gates and city based on Indian Vaastu -Purusha -Mandal.

folk dance-Jaipur

How elephant festival celebrates? from the pages of Jaipur Pink city of India

It is held on the day of Holi festival usually in a month of march the festival features elephant polo and elephant dance. elephant-festival-Jaipur-pink-cityThe elephants are also outfitted in ear danglers and brocade to embellish their ears and necks. The main religious festival celebrate in city of Jaipur are Teej festival. The festival holds the grate religious significance amongst the people of Jaipur, especially amongst women. Teej festival is celebrate with grate fanfare. On this day ‘tripolia gate’ gets will be open for public, on first day “Dar khane di” The married women enjoy the meal prepared by their husband. second day is a fasting day the women neither eat nor drink until the worship of full moon and gather around in Fancy red clothes and prey for their husband longevity on third day the prayers and off enrings are made to deity.

ECCENTRIC Specialty of Jaipur. From the pages of Jaipur Pink city of India

The paces run by Rajasthan State government just like handicraft including bangles, earnings, home of a decoration, items, paintings, wall hanging bed sheets, clothes and many more. Some of the testy (‘laal maans’ Daal Baluchi’ ‘ Pyaaz Ki Kachori’ and for kathi roll.


A must visit places of Jaipur

Amber fort from the pages of Jaipur Pink city of India

It is a principal tourist attraction in Jaipur. The town of Ames and the Amber Fort were originally built Raja man Singh Later, made by Sawai jai Singh-located high on hill, Amer for is known for the artistic style elements. Maota lake, which is the main source of water of under place palace.amber fort-of-Jaipur-pink-city

• Area- 4 square kilometres (5 sq. mi), located 11 km

• Built – 96.7 • Location – Devising Pura, Amer.

• Highlight Sheesh mahal, Diwan-e-Aam, panna Meena kund, etc

• Distance from jai = 11 km 6.2 mil from Jaipur city near national highway

• Fair =Rs 25 per Indian person and for student Rs10, foreign: Rs.200 per person and for students Rs.100

HAWA MAHAL (“The palace of wind” or “The palace of Breeze”) from the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

Build by using red and pink Sandstones, build by maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It five floors exterior is akin to honeycomb with Small 953 windows called ‘Jharokas’ decorated with intricate latticework the arched roofs Curve Screens, small casement, are some of the Feature of this popular tourists spot.


Location- Back chou pad, JD A market

• Built- 1799

• Distance- From Jaipur railway station = 5.5 km.

•Entry fee- Rs 10 per person for foreign national Rs 200/person

JANTAR MANTARfrom the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

The word Jantar manter (or yatra mantar) mean Calculation Instrument. It is built by Rajput king Sawai Jaisingh 11. It Features the world largest Stone Sundial. The instrument allows the observation one of astronomical position with naked eye. It is made by using 19 Yantra.


• Built 1734

• Area- 1.8652 ha (6.609 acres)

• location = Gangotri Bazaar, JDA market Distance

• Distance 4.8 km

• fare – Rs 25 per person and for students Rs 15 and Rs 100 for foreign

BIRLA TEMPLE (Laxmi Narayan temple) from the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

Built by BM. Birla. Foundation constructed by Solely of white marble Dedicated to Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and load Vishnu whose images appears int side along with other Hindu gods. It opened on Feb 22nd 1988. Diwali and Janmashtami festival celebrate in this temple

•Location Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, tilak nagar

• built – 1988

• Entry timing – 4 in eve to 8 at night

• Area- 18700 meters

jal mahal

JAL MAHAL from the pages of Jaipur The Pink city of India

Jai Mahal water palace is the place middle of the maan Sagar lake the building has a picture square view of the lake itself but the interior of the Jal mahal palace is not open to visitors. It is made by using Red Sandstone.

• Area-13.5 square kilometre (9:18sqmi)

• Built-18 century God acres

• Time to visit- 6.00 AM to 6.00PM

For further assistance, the guide to Indian tourism has provided you various assistants to provide you with ample of choice and not only assist you in your Planning but to help you out to know the every detail regarding your tour and the city and that too free of cost.

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