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Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur | Visit Now

Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur.

Let us start our Journey to know the hidden facts of Jodhpur along with the knowing of the Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur. But before that just have some introduction of the Rajasthan. The State to which Jodhpur, belongs as the 2nd Largest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur. 

Rajasthan an Indian state with Privileged Indian History from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

Yes, your own, your friend Kumar, I am back again to take you to some of the glorified Places of Indian History. For more learn about Indian Regions.

None can deny that Rajasthan literary means the Place belonging to the Kings. The etymology of the word (Literary etymology is, word Raja- meaning “The King” and sthan- “the Place” ).

It is awesome to visit almost every part of Rajasthan because it carries the Indian Legacy of the Rajput’s. Obviously the one who were great warriors. For more read about Rajasthan History.

Why Rajasthan is considered to be the must visit state by the Tourists from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

Rajasthan is the land of Birth of many Rajputana warriors known for their courage, valour and principles –


Remember Rana Pratap, one of the great Rajputana warriors, who is a known for his bravery and art of fighting along with his Horse Chetak. Many poems are taught during primary education in India related to this Great warrior who fought against Akbar, again one of the great Muslim ruler.

Some of the eminent name of the great warriors of Rajasthan are  Hammir Dev Chauhan, Rana Kumbha, Hem Chandra Vikramaditya,  Maharaja Suraj Mal, Ranasangha, Gora Badal, etc. The list of these great warriors who belonged to Rajasthan is endless. And most importantly, so is the history of their courage and patronage is unmatched.

Undoubtedly the Glimpses of Rich Indian heritage embedded with a very rich culture, colourful tradition and regional diversity is what always interact you to visit Rajasthan.

Does the land of Rajasthan Mesmerize you? from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur 

Off course it does.  I can say that if once you visit Rajasthan (Only between Octobers to March) than you will frequently like to visit it.

The diversity in the nature, the love and affection showered by the Folks will surely mesmerize you to become its frequent visitor.

My Plan to visit Rajasthan from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur 

Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur-blue-cityI always heard and learnt many articles during my college time, related to the History of Rajasthan. Its colorful culture, traditions and Delicacies always magnetized and hence, I planned for visiting it.

My Visit to Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

It was the month of October and I was experiencing some cold evening in Delhi. Tired with routine of my service, I wanted to visit some Place which may otherwise make me fresh and live.

My reason for visiting Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur –

The teenagers in family wanted to have safari, some wanted to visit the Historic Giant forts, while others wanted to smell the sand of the villages, listen to the folks and enjoy with nutritious delicacies.

Jodhpur, yeah, Visit Jodhpur, was my very first reply to them. I made my point very clear to them. We can have safari, can visit huge gigantic forts, and off course can have Dal-Batti churma (Staple food of Jodhpur).And undoubtedly the unfolding evenings, also.

Kumar Uncle, are you very Confident that we can have a splendid tour to Jodhpur, inquired a little one. Yes, I know you want Jungle safari. Oh yes, he smiled.

Our Packing of Luggage from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

visit-at-Jodhpur-guide-to-indian-tourismGrateful for where I am and excited for where I was going. I started enumerating Does and don’ts, as per the Literary Knowledge, read about Rajasthan.

Since the teenagers, young ones and the elderly people were ready for the tour, I became much more cautious to make the list of luggage.

The important object of consideration of our Luggage were –

  1. Pair of shoes and sleepers wrapped In a Polythene Bag.
  2. Air Pillows, couple of bed sheets
  3. Nightwear’s, Innerwear’s, towels, napkins, paper napkins, old but neat newspaper. Also comfortable clothes making easy to walk and climbing. Like tee-shirts, Bermuda’s, joggers dress etc. Most importantly floor mat, Sunglasses, Binoculars, and shawls for the elderly persons.
  4. Copies of ID Cards along with originals of each members, group insurance, Bath soaps, washing powder pouches, shaving kit, Makeup kit for women.
  5. A small first Aid Kit along with ENO Pouches and general medicines. A small bottle of Honey, Ayurveda Ahwagandha, Cinammon, Tulsi extracts, pepper, black salt and ginger. Also a small knife along with a Electric kettle and disposable plates, Sun glasses. Pair of masks, per person along with a Hand sanitizer, and its refilling Pouch, also.
  6. Some Packed food, sweets, Snacks and water campers or bottles
  7. Most important to Carry “Niramaya Buti” Pouches which will not only enhance your immune system but will aslo provide you with the required essentials like Proteins, vitamins, salts, minerals, iron etc. Also important for the older age people to curb their diabetes, impotence’s, indigestion, constipation problems

Commencement of Our Journey from New Delhi to Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

We were 16 in numbers and had young ones, along with middle aged friends and our elderly Parents.

As usual we all opted for Train 

Its only through the train that we have a chance to interact with the common people. Travelling by train is time consuming. 

But undoubtedly trains are feasible for a common man. Undoubtedly in the month of October, it’s pleasant to Tour most of the northern or north-western part of India. Hence our Time selection was good.

We were finally in Train, while some were gossiping, the others were busy in detailing of the schedule of the visit.

Places to visit at Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur 

Kumar, what are the Places to visit at Jodhpur, an elderly voice was inquisitive, he was my uncle.

There are many Places to visit, I replied. Can you narrate some of the important ones, my Uncle asked me. Yes, why not. I can share my studies with you.

History of Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

rao-jodha-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-JodhpurRao Jodha founded Jodhpur in 1459 – The history of Jodhpur revolves around the Rathore Clan. Rao Jodha, the chief of the Rathore clan, is termed as the main person who led to the origin of Jodhpur in India.

The historic facts suggest that Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, Henceforth The city is named after him only. However It was previously known as Marwar.

Reason attributed with the Birth of the City, “Jodhpur”, the sun city of India 

The Afghans forced the Rathores to leave their original homeland, Kaunaj. Due to which the flew to Pali. In present time Pali is near to Jodhpur.

Further the marriage of Rathore Siahaji with the sister of a local prince. Helped strengthening of the Rathores.

The Rathores henceforth gradually gained strength which further led them to establish in this region. They successfully defeated Pratihatas of Mandore.  Mandore once served as the capital of the region but by 1459.

The Rathores by now surged for safety and security of their kingdom.. This very thought of the Rajput’s led to the formation of Jodhpur, the Sun City, by Rao Jodha.

Relation of Rathore’s with the Mughals from the pages of the History

The History reveals that the Rathore’s maintained good relations with all the Mughals, except Aurangzeb.

Most importantly it is to be noted that Maharaja Jaswant Singh supported Shahjahan in his struggle for succession. It was only after the death of Aurangzeb that Maharaja Ajit Singh drove out Mughals from Ajmer. He added Ajmer in the Marwar region (Now termed as Jodhpur) Most importantly Jodhpur grew into a modern city under the reign of Maharaja Umed Singh.

Jodhpur under British Raj ( 1858- 1947)and after independence

The state of Jodhpur under British Raj was the largest in Rajputana, by land area. Jodhpur flourished under the British Raj. The residents of this region were termed Marwari’s. The Marwari’s were merchant and had expertise in trade

They dominance of the Marwaris in the present day of India cannot be overruled. Undoubtedly they occupy a dominant position in trade throughout India.

In 1947 India became independent and the state merged into the union of India. Jodhpur became the second city of Rajasthan.

Ajit Bhawanajit-bhawan-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur-guideAjit Bhawan  is still the home to Royal Family . If you want to see the glimpses of the Indian Heritage of a Royal Family than you should never miss it. 

The monument stands tall. Its built by using red sandstone and depicts the architectural grandeur of India. It was built in 1927 for Major General Maharaj Dhiraj Sir Ajit Singh Ji, the younger brother of Maharaja Shri Umaid Singh of erstwhile Jodhpur State. The part of this monument is open to all, while some part of it is also used as Resort for the tourist. 

It was really interesting to listen about the History of Jodhpur, My Uncle murmured.

More about Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

Kumar can you please tell us about the culture and traditions of Jodhpur?, Asked Vitthal. Vitthal is young boy studying in class 9th. Why Jodhpur is termed as Blue city or the Sun City, he further asked me. Added to this some peculiar things which make Jodhpur, the city, which is must to visit. Vitthal was enthusiastic to learn about all this, I noticed form his face.

jodhpur-culture-guide-to-indian-tourism-artYes, I nodded my head in affirmation. Jodhpur is one of the most fabulous city to visit in India for its Architecture, Historic importance. Most importantly also to see the culture and traditions followed by the natives of the Land. The life of inhabitants which depicts the Indian Heritage of culture and traditions. Undoubtedly they have carried it, in form of Privileges, through the ages of Indian history.

Let me reply you with the facts, I answered.

Why Jodhpur is called sun city or Blue city from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur 

sun-city-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur.The weather of the Jodhpur is such that the sky remains bright and clear. Hence it is termed as Sun City. It is also termed as Blue city because the houses were generally painted in Blue color to bring a cool effect in the eyes of the inhabitants. However, it is now uncommon.

Culture and Traditions of Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10  Places to visit at Jodhpur

The population of Jodhpur has crossed over a million. You will find the culture diversity of India, in Jodhpur, also. The majority of the population belongs to Rajput and Marwari caste of Hindu religion. The major languages spoken are Hindi, Marwari and Rajasthani.

The Man wear colorful turbans with Shirt and Dhoti. The women wear Ghaghara, choli, chunri, odhani, lehenga, etc. Most importantly The peculiar type of jewelry is the most common element found in the wearing of the native women.

The main religious festivals celebrated in City of Jodhpur are Deepawali, Holi, Gangaur, Teej, Gogaji, Makar Sankranti, Janamasthmi as the main religion is Hinduism.

Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur-artsThe people also celebrate Rajasthan’s desert festival here with great zest and zeal. This festival is held once a year but during winters only. People of the desert dance and sing ballads of valour, romance and tragedy.

The folks actively take part in the fairs. You may see many stalls of variety of snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performers. Camels play a prominent role in this festival. Variety of folk dances, Camel race competitions, and Rajasthani dishes are the versatility of these celebrations.

Peculiar Specialty of Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

jodhpur-cusine-guide-to-indian-tourism-jodhpurThe city of Jodhpur is known for its Handicrafts, ornamental works, dari, and carved furniture works. The native food is mainly vegetarian. Some of the tasty cuisines include “ Pyaz ki kachori”, “Dahi wada”, Dal Batti chrma,  and Jodhpuri Thali.

The residents are very generous and helping by nature. They have Marwari accent in their speaking language.

Jodhpur climate is hot and humid from March end to start of October. The winters from Mid of October to Start of March are cool. And the winter time is hence the best time to visit Jodhpur.

Amazingly awesome. What a culture and those Pyaz ki Kachori, murmered one of the friends of Vitthal. All of them looked anxious to reach the city of Jodhpur, at the earliest.

A must visit Places of Jodhpur from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

But what about the Places to visit, Asked Nandani, with a glass of Ginger Mixed with Honey, she was sipping. We are feeling very enthusiastic to listen. Very important to note that the ginger mixed with extracts of Tulsi and Honey help you increase your Immunity. Just carry a Hot water and mix them. You are ready with a propeller henceforth helps you keep energetic and upgrade your immune system.

       Yes my Dear, I replied her there are many Places associated with their individual History. Let me narrate you, some of the must watch destinations of Jodhpur, I.I reverted.

Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

  1. Bishnoi Village Safari –

Bisnoi village was established by Guru Jambheshwar . He was born in the year 1451.Bishnoi village is Located just at a distance of 22 km from Jodhpur city, the villagers of Bishnoi are mainly staunch worshippers of nature. On Bishnoi Village Safari, one gets more than a glimpse of amazing cultural life of Marwar – the original community of Rajasthan. Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur

  • The Bishnois are vegetarian. They have a peculiar dress code.
  • Traditional  wear of men is white dhoti, shirt and colourful turbans. Unmarried girls generally wear pada, pothdi, puthia and odhna. Married woman costumes mainly constitutes of odhna, ghaghra, kanchli, kurti and dhabla.
  • They are worshippers of Lord Vishnu.
  • The local people of Bishnoi village generally stay in small hamlets. These are referred as Dhani by the locals. The small huts have thatched roofs.
  • The floors of the Hamlet are plastered with slurry of mud and cow dung to Avoid the growth of vermin.
  • The Indian government has provided license to some of the Bishnois in lieu to permit them for opium farming. It can be termed as a salutation of the governance towards their religious findings. However Opium Crop is otherwise banned by the Government of India.
  • The serene lake in the name of  Guda Bishnoi Lake is must watch for those who love nature and enjoy Bird watching.

UNICEF sponsored health centre is also located here

Location: Near K N Hall Girls College, Raika Bagh Railway station.
Highlights: Camel Safari, Village Safari, Birdwatching
Entry Fee: Starts at Rs 750 per person
Distance from Jodhpur :  Bishnoi Village is situated about 22 K.M. from Jodhpur city on the route of Jodhpur to Udaipur.

  1. Mehrangarh Fort –

Rao Jodha the fifteenth Rathore ruler laid the foundation of the Mehrangarh Fort in 1459. This huge and vast Fort was laid on hill known as “Bhaurcheeria also referred as Bakhurcheeria ” means the mountain of birds. Various stories are related to curse and sacrifice with the Building of the fort. The Place was cursed for having draught and water scarcity by hermit Cheeria Nathji, who prior lived on this Hill. He was forced to evacuate the Place by Rao Jodha.  mehrangarh-fort-guide-to-indian-tourism-best

The etymology of Mehrangarh –

It states the word is driven by using the two Marwar words Mehr meaning Sun AND Garh meaning Fort. Hence  In totality it means the Fort where the Sun dwells . 

Sacrifice of Raja Ram Meghwal buried in the foundation  – 

Most important to mention that it carries an interesting fact associated to it construction. However the descendants of Raja Ram Meghwal as promised by Rao Jodha are still compensated by the Royal family of Jodhpur, as was urged by Raja Ram.

  • The fort stands tall, located at a height of 400 mtrs above the ground level of Jodhpur. It has seven gates. The main entry gate is Jay Pole. The fort covers an Area of 5 Km. The average height of the wall is 36 mtrs while the width 21 Mtrs.
  • The construction of the fort was done by the descendants of Rao Jodha. It took nearly 500 years for the construction of the fort.
  • The Architecture of the fort symbolises the mixed patron of Indian and Mughal Architecture.
  • The presence of various types of furniture’s, Paintings, warfare modules, ceilings, tent used by Mughals having golden embroidery works define the relation of the Mughals with the Rathores, prior to Raja Ajit Singh. 

Location: Sodagaran Mohalla

Highlights: Sheesh Mahal, Chokhelao Bagh, Phul Mahal, Takhat Vilas, Moti Mahal, Arms and Armour, Mehrangarh Museum, Chamunda Devi Temple

Entry Fee: Rs 100 for adults, Rs 50 for students, Rs 600 for foreigners (all prices exclude photography charges)

Distance from Railway Station: 4.6 km

  1. Umaid Bhawan Palace –

The palace was constructed from 1928 to 1943 by Maharaja Umaid Singh . Henceforth is called as Umaid Bhawan Palace. Undoubtedly This is not only the Palace but is a window through one can peep into the Grandeurs, the Indian Crown used to live. Most importantly it holds the reputation of being the world’s largest private residence, also. Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur-umaid-bhawan-palace

It’s one of the Part serves as housing the royal quarters of Maharaja Gaj Singh, the grandson of Maharaja Umaid Singh. While a part of the palace has been converted into a hotel and another into a timeless museum. Undoubtedly it is truly a signature of the Indian Heritage which stands as a symbol of luxury overlooking the Blue City.

Location: Circuit House Road, Cantt Area

Highlights: Royal Residence, Umaid Bhavan Palace Museum and Gift shop

Entry Fee: Rs 30 for adults, Rs 10 per child (5-11 years), Rs 100 for foreigners

Distance from Railway Station: 4.8 km

  1. Mandore Garden – 

If you are a nature lover who wants to sit at an isolated place in the lap of the Mother Nature. Than undoubtedly this is one of the Best Place.  You can enjoy fountains, cross walks through Parks, gardens etc. mandore-garden-guide-to-indian-toirism

It also serves as a Picnic spot for families. The children’s can enjoy being in an open place. The beauty of the garden added with the studded Temples makes you feel in the harmony of the nature.

Here you have a chance to visit the iconic temple which is dedicated to the 330 million Gods.
The government museum present here several artefacts of a bygone era. You can also see the art of Hindu Architecture, sculptures made on the walls which will leave you nail bitten for their splendid works done with help of chisel and hammer. The Hall of Heroes has mythical figures intrinsically carved on the walls.

Location: Mandore, Jodhpur

Highlights: Hall of Heroes, Mandore Palace, Cenotaph of Maharaja Ajit Singh, Government Museum

Entry Fee: No fee for the garden, Rs 50 for museum

Distance from Railway Station: 9.5 km

  1. Osian –

If you want to experience a camel safari in the sand dunes . Than you are surely in the Oasis of Thar desert. Its only a 1.5-hour drive from the main city of Jodhpur and you are in Osian.

Osian  ranks amongst the must place to visit in Jodhpur. if you are looking for adventure. The Osian town has numerous Temples who are standing through several century. These are intrinsically carved and beautifully constructed. osian-camel-safari-guide-to-indian-tourism

The main attractions of the Oasis are the Jain temples and the Brahmanical temples. Most importantly it is only Due to its numerous temples, the place is also called as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”.

Location: It lies in the north of Jodhpur district headquarters

Highlights: Sun Temple, Shivaliya Temple, Jain temples, Surya Mandir, Shiv Temple, Vishnu Temple, camel safari

Distance from Railway Station: 60 km

  1. Jaswant Thada – 

Do you know Taj Mahal of Mewar, if not than Please visit, Jaswant Thada. The splendid work done by using white marble near the lake side is a mist watch site. Built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899, Jaswant Thada is the marble marvel of Jodhpur.Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur-jawant-thada

The monument reflects in a awesome blend of Mughal and Rajput styles of architecture. Encompassed by lush greenery, the white monument is awesome to watch. The walls are intrinsically carved, Also they depict contemporary paintings and pictures of the erstwhile rulers. Most importantly they embellish the patronage of the Indian Art and painting.

You can also witness the spectacular sight of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort and the Umaid Bhawan Palace from Jaswant Thada.

Location: Lawaran, Near Mehrangarh Fort

Highlights: Mughal and Rajput architecture, White cenotaph with red-painted stairs, Intricate carvings, Lush greenery
Entry Fee:
Rs 15 for Indians, Rs 30 for foreigners
Distance from Railway Station:
 4.5 km.

  1. Ghanta Ghar and Sardar Market – 

Ghanta ghar served as the clock tower in Past, in India. when the masses did not have watch. These huge clock usually located at immense height, undoubtedly located at the Centre heart of the city served as a clock tower for all.

Jodhpur too has one of the Ghanta Ghar. It was Built by Maharaja Sardar Singh, Ghanta Ghar is also knowis a popular landmark in the Blue City. ghanta-ghar-Market-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur

While visiting Ghanta Ghar one can visit to the adjacent Sardar Market, which is a busy market with thousands of shops. These shops offer you a variety of Art, crafts,  handicrafts and local delicacies. The market blossoms in the evening lighting. It’s here that you cannot only collect your memories of Jodhpur but also catch the glimpses of the glowing Ghanta Ghar. It is a sight to look at while you collect your Jodhpur memoirs from the market.

Location: Nai Sarak

Highlights: Shopping, Food

Distance from Railway Station: Ghantaghar 1.7 km, Sardar Market 1.5 km

  1. Kailana Lake – 

You are very true if you see Jodhpur as a city with many narrow lanes and busy  markets. But on the contrary if you are seeking calmness in the lap of nature, than yes, you can surely visit Kailana Lake . This is the ideal destination for you.

This is A man-made lake constructed by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1872. Most importantly Kailana now offers options of boating and spending a laidback day by the lakeside. Kailana-Lake-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur

The lake is must watch for the wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover. The lake water and the sight of birds flying above the lake will mesmerize you and the cool breeze will fresh you from within as you take deep breath. This place is an ideal place for family picnics as you can go boating with your family and group and enjoy in the lap of nature.
8 km west of Jodhpur, on route to Jaisalmer
Boating, Birdwatching, Picnic with family
Distance from Railway Station: 
7.3 km.

  1. Rao Jodha Desert Park – 

The area of the Park is spread over an area of 70 acres.  The Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur. Set in the foothills of the gigantic Mehrangarh Fort, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park consists of  80 exotic plant species from the Thar Desert. rao-jodha-desert-park-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur.

The natural ecology of the rocky wasteland was restored by systematically eradicating unwanted thorny shrubs and planting rock-loving plants.

The area surrounding the desert park encompasses many volcanic rocks and sandstone formations. These formations are dated to be of 600 million years ago.

Location: Near Mehrangarh Fort

Highlights: Nature, Photography, Ecotourism

Entry Fee: Rs 100 for adults, entry free for school students

Distance from Railway Station: 3.7 km

  1. RAAS –

After a tiring your of a day, you want to relax in evening looking at the gigantic Mehrangarh Fort, than you must visit dining area of RAAS Hotel.

This 19th-century pleasure pavilion for dining is designed to create a warm ambience for the visitors. Alike the blend of local and contemporary  Architecture . The menu has the variety of Blends the famous are, the wide range of options for exquisite cuisine includes Thai, Mediterranean or authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

raas-Best-10-Place-to-visit-at-Jodhpur..The Darikhana offers remarkable views of Mehrangarh. The Stepwell House Café opens to a private door which marks to the step well,. Henceforth enabling you to enjoy your lunch and mesmerise you with enthralling views, or along with a tasty dinner, also.

Location: Toorji ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla

Highlights: Darikhana, Stepwell House Café, Multiple Cuisines, Private dining at the poolside

Distance from Railway Station: 1.8 km

I saw after ending my pronunciation that Nandani was excited like the others. My uncle and Aunty along with their friends were Planning of Temples visit, while the young ones were preparing the List of the things they were to do during visiting the Places of Jodhpur. We all had unanimously chosen 3 days visit of Jodhpur. 

Arrival at Jodhpur railway station from the Pages of Best 10 Places to visit at Jodhpur

Finally we were at the Railway station of Jodhpur. Our Train arrived in the morning at 17.00.00 hrs . It takes 11 hours ( approx.) to reach Jodhpur from Delhi via Train. Everyone was feeling pride, for the tour which was otherwise to introduce us all with the rich culture heritage of India. The appearance of the Station Building was none other. And most importantly that “Garam Chai” or Hot tea being served at the station counters. The old ones, including me hastened for sipping it.

We had OUR Online booking been done from one of the very newly Launched Site named “GOT IT”, the best as referred by my friends. The most important part of this tourist assisting site is that it not only customizes and Plans you’re Tour according to your Budget but also provide much more than any other contemporary site. Through your initiation till the finalisation of your Tour it acts as a virtual assistant to you.

The Drivers of our cab from the “GOT IT” were standing, they greeted us “ Padharo hamare desh sabji” meaning Sirs, we welcome your visit in our land”

We all bustled in the cabs and moved to our destinations while feeling the presence of cool air while evening was shaping in the Sky. Undoubtedly we all were very much excited to visit Jodhpur.

The detail of the site visits from the Pages of Best 10 sites to visit at Jodhpur The details of the Visited Sites of Jodhpur in my upcoming blogs.  

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Have a Pleasant time. Take a very good care of yourself, Always try to take deep breath, and water in sips, Enjoy. Every Moment. It is precious than anything of this materialistic world.

Literature to help you . We have provided many options of Purchases of products in our SERVICE TAB. But some helping books for knowing the subject matter are as stated below-