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True history of India’s Independence. Learn Now.

True history of Indian Independence.Learn Now.

True history of Indian Independence

A Hot cup of strong tea may solve my present Problem said Mr. Kumar while replying to Mr. Yusuf’s question of what exactly he can bargain me with telling him the Truth Of the Indian Independence, as a history of Patriots befitted by the Traitors while the masses never stood unanimously. Mr. Yusuf glittered while putting his hand on big white beard and said the deal is accepted. We moved forward to an open restaurant on Jhu,Choparti in Mumbai, I remember.

Indian-freedom-fighterThe month of August in Mumbai observes very heavy rain while we saw the clouds were gathering, I suppose they were interested to hear what Mr. Yusuf Dahodwalla, also wanted to hear. I clarified that the entire narration will be precise and, he may raise his query while I anxiously wanted to narrate it, as I always like to narrate the heroic history of Indian independence. It always bestows my feeling of Love to My Country, my Independence and I refresh my great martyrs with all dignity and respect and surely the innate love to them and lot many blessings to them and their family members.

Battle of Plassey, an initiation towards India’s subjugation.

battle-of-plasseyIt was battle of Plassey fought between Sirraj-ud-daulha’s Army and the East India company headed by Robert Clive on June 23rd, 1757. The proportion of the Army was of 1:10. Undoubtedly The emperor of Bengal had a very huge Army in comparison to the East India company. More importantly the Emperor was backed by his French allies, also.

Robert Clive bribed Mir Jaffar, uncle of the emperor and Chief of the Army and convinced him to betray the emperor on the battlefield to gain the crown of Bengal and luring wealth. Mir Jaffar was convinced and so he and betrayed his nephew and the Emperor.

Added to this was the rain on the very day of the battle due to which the uncovered cannons of the emperor misfired along with the elephants who did not respond, as they used to be in the battlefield. Result was the loss of the Emperor within 11 hours of battle and emergence of East India company with convincing hold on Bengal Province. Armenians helped Robert Clive in the war.

What was the reason of the battle of Plassey? Kumar Mr. Yusuf was frowning at me.

black-hole-of-calcuttaThe Black hole of Calcutta and rampant flourishing of the East India Company were the prime causes of the war. Black hole is an incident which occurred on 26th of July 1756, when Siraj-ud-daulha defeated the English Army and made them surrender thus captivating 70 Persons including a young Warren Hastings. 43 of the officers died during imprisonment due to suffocation. Which clive wanted to revenge while the emperor wanted to hold the rampage of the business flourishing of East India Company.

The result of the war was the coronation ceremony of Mir Jaffar as the emperor of the Bengal, while he was further used as a Puppet of the East India company. The draining of natural wealth and resources by the East India Company gallantly started .

Battle of Plassey was much more than a lost battle in terms of India’s subjugation-

The battle of Plassey was not only a lost battle but much more than that, Mr. Yusuf. I told him. It paved way or gave an Ideology to the Britishers to subjugate India. More convincingly when Robert Clive himself mentioned that while My soldiers and I were carrying victory procession, Indians collected on either side of the Road, to see us, They were clapping with both hands. I told Mr. Yusuf had they used those hands to throw stones, then the scene could have been altered in the prima-fascia, only.  Hence forth, I say that the masses never performed unanimously when they were ought too.

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True history of India’s Independence.Learn Now.Likewise, the East India Company was able to grow its influence with a Policy named, “Divide and rule” until India was subjugated and finally become one of the “Colony” ruled by “His majesty’s Governance”. It was quiet pathetic on their part,

I am surprised that how come the masses could not foresee the steps taken by East India Company, Mr. Yusuf. Reverted, His voice was loud and seemed to be in anguish.

Not be shaken by the Truth, we are again repeating the History, while the scoundrel are managing to become the beholder of the Ministerial seat in many countries and the masses are yet not unanimously resenting them, by their deep rotted actions and taking various measures, in the interest of the Humanity.

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What was the first bullet fired for Indian Independence, asked Mr Yusuf?

Many Patriots laid their life for their motherland, to get it independence. The Historians mark the rebellion of Mangal Pandey, as the initiating Point, followed by uprising of 1857, led by the war of Jhansi.

Guide-to-indian-tourismAt the Barrackpore ground near Kolkata, during afternoon time of 29 March 1857, Mangal Pandey attacked and injured his British sergeant and wounded an adjutant. Here it is interesting to note that Pandey called his fellow person for revolt but one of his colleagues guided the two British officer from being killed by Pandey. Pandey was further hanged on 8th of April, 1857.

Yet another example, Mr. Yusuf, which convinces that the masses never reacted for the common cause when they were ought too.

What was the first major war fought for ,Indian Independence. Mr Yusuf desperately asked me ?

The historians claim the Rebellion of 1857 as the first war of Independence fought by the Indians. Some part of the Northern India along with parts of Orrisa and Assam. along with many leaders were responsible for its widespread. Some of the eminent may be named as –

Delhi- Bahadur Shah II, General Bakht Khan. Lucknow- Begum Hazrat Mahal, Birjis Qadir, Ahmadullah. Kanpur- Nana Sahib, Rao Sahib, Tantia Tope, Azimullah Khan. Jhansi- Rani Laxmibaib, Bihar Kunwar Singh, Amar Singh. Rajasthan- Jaidayal Singh and Hardayal Singh. Farrukhabad- Tufzal Hasan Khan. Assam- Kandapareshwar Singh, Maniram Dutta Baruah. Orissa- Surendra Shahi, Ujjwal Shahi.

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What was the immediate reason which saw India United to some extent for Indian Independence? Mr. Yusuf eagerly asked me.

Undoubtedly the main was the contamination of the cartridges used by the newly introduced Enfield rifles. Whose cartridges were greased by the Pork or Cow beef. Furthermore, they were to be bitten by mouth before use. This called for a social injustice to Hindus and Muslims in the British Army, Who finally revolted on 10th May, 1857?

True history of India’s Independence.Learn Now.Other dominant causes were the introduction of new peasants Policy, religious discrimination etc. Which further united Indians to fight for there cause. Rani Laxmi Bai’s war during this period further weakened the Status of the East India Company.

However, this mutiny could not unite the entire India, rulers like Scindia and others opposed the rebellion while the Sikh didn’t took active Part. Moreover, the Bengal and the southern India remain unaffected and this resulted in the failure of the First Rebellion.

Most Importantly, this introduced the British Governance in the name British India rule of under” His majesty”. And thus, the enactment of Indian Government Act. 

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What about the Indian National Congress and its role in Indian Independence, Mr. Yusuf Inquired me?

Indian congress has a very vital stand in the History of Indian Independence. Retired British Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer Allan Octavian Hume founded the Indian National Congress (A political Party) The objective was Free India and also to provide a platform for civil and political dialogue among educated Indians.

Congress become the mouth of the Indian masses, more importantly when a learned lawyer, in the name of Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi took the leadership in his hands.

This further become potent with the ideologies and coming of Subash Chandra Bose. “Bose”, the tile was given to Mr. Subash, by the Indian Military Personals posted in Germany.

Then what about Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Ashfakhullha and so on, and their role as a patriot, Mr. Yusuf asked me?

freedom-fighters-of-indiaThe name you asked are the real proud of the Indians, and they are many. Mr. Yusuf, Indians wanted independence, but they were hardly able to unite for their own reasons. Some feared for their bread and butter while the others didn’t have the courage while very few enjoyed being the Puppet of the British India governance.

The two basic ideologies emerged to free India. One was headed by Mahatma Gandhi, which was based on nonviolent movement while the other was of those who believed in rebellion, some term as extremists to them, which I do not agree with.

The martyrs believed that without indictment of fear in Britishers, the Independence couldn’t be achieved. Hence, they kept on looting the trains, bombarding or assassinating British officers, irrespective of the fear of losing their Lives. Their message was loud and clear. They further believed that either they will be able to induce fear, or their death will help in surging the masses to unite for a common cause which otherwise was seemingly unable to unite.

It was only after the hanging of Bhagat singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev that the masses got infuriated and the time saw the Indian masses inception to unity for common cause of freedom.

What led India to gain the Indian Independence than, asked Mr. Yusuf?

The contemporary conditions., I answered him. The advent of the world war forced the British Governance to urge the Congress and the Muslim League to help them for not restraining the Indians to participate in the world war-2. To which the leaders agreed on the note that the British Indian Government will be providing the Independence to India.

Furthermore, the inspirational speeches of Subhash Chandra Bose making the Indians realise their Army skill draw a fear of rebellion in the Britishers. Aided to this were the relentless increasing insurgence in the Indian mass to get permanent Freedom. Furthermore, the Post world war saw the weakening of the British governance and the emergence of new world powers i.e. United states Of America and United states of Soviet Republic. USA envisaged India’s independence and manifested for the same by the British Indian Governance.

Hence Lord Mountbatten declared Indian Independence on the midnight of 14-15 August 1947. Learn more about Indian Independence, a true celebration.

What costed India’s Independence asked Mr. Yusuf while the clouds started thundering?

britain-stole-indian45 Trillion US Dollars, Many lives and the liberation of India to India and Pakistan. As the British India Governance always wanted to see India divided into 3 parts, namely India, Pakistan and the princely states. And never advocated for Total independence hence they declared, India, as the Republic of India, the dominion of British India governance. Which indicates for a partial freedom and realisation of commonwealth where the sovereign is headed by “His Majesty “, I replied him authoritatively.

The prayer related to Indian Independence by Mr. Yusuf Dahodwalla

national-flag-indiaWe have lost a lot uttered, Mr. Yusuf. Why don’t we learn from our past that got us divided just to subjugate us? This should not be repeated. Why are we than relentlessly fighting in the name of caste and creed? Who are they which are disturbing the brotherhood, the principles of humanity? Why not these rascals tried in court of Law or being finally executed. He unfolded is both hands upwards towards the Sky and uttered to Almighty to provide all the good learning to the Humanity to enjoy and keep their freedom, intact. Meanwhile the rain started Pouring. I could identify that it was pouring through my eyes and Mr. Yusuf was not indifferent. Learn More about Indian Dominion status.

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The Notion of the British Indian Governance reveal that they never wanted to Free India.

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Nothing can be more precious than your Freedom your belief of being Independent. A citizen of an Independent Country. Hence no crime can be more heinous which liberates the inhabitants of the land, which inherits discrimination in the natives. Stop them, irrespective of what they are and be united forever. Celebrate the 75th Independence day of India on 15th August, 2022.

Have a Pleasant time. Take a very good care of yourself, Always try to take deep breath, and water in sips, Enjoy. Every Moment. It is precious than anything of this materialistic world.

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