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A short story – They say we are dead.

A short story -They say we are dead.

A short story – They say we are dead.

Alistor Cook in haste to leave his passengers.

If you can afford me with some change it will be fine as, I have still to drive many miles till, I reach my Home, uttered Alistor Cook, to his passengers, while drooping them in one of the Apartments, near Silver stand stone Valley. Alistor owns a Taxi permit and he usually drives for 8-10 hours to fetch Bread and butter to his Family. Since he was driving from about 9.30 Am in the morning, he was busy to move to his abode at the shortest time to see his two little kids and a beautiful wife along with his old age mother and father whom he adored much.

A short story – They say we are dead. The wristwatch beeped, yet again to reveal that it was 9.00 PM of the monsoon season in Walken mountains, on that very Friday. This hastened Alistor, to make him sit at Driver’s Seat and put his authentic pressure on the car escalator.

Alistor’s call to His wife

A short story – They say we are dead. I will be back Jennifer, within 2 hours, you better take dinner with father and mother, just convey my both angels that, I have ordered a very Big Cake, with Dark forest Pastries and Snacks from Roziers Pastry Shop, for our celebrations on Saturday, he completed the call while still driving the car. Jennifer is Alistor’s, wife.

Alistor and his wife have usual trend of making their second Saturday of the month, great. The family parties, while calling some neighbours and family persons for morning prayers, when the priests visit their residence. This further continues with Holy Sermon and then, starts the Party, with all food, music and dance, till the evening shades to Night.

Alistor was not much content with this week’s earning made from his Taxi. However, he was convincing himself that it happens every year in the monsoon that the rains effect his Business and todays day was also not indifferent. His talk to himself vehemently stooped with the huge droplets of water pouring on the Car screen which forced him to switch his wiper. Oh, God uttered, Alistor in discomfort, its too much today, I am late and yet the rains are playing with me, Alistor fastened his wipers.

Alistor and the Johns Coffee Shop.

A short story – They say we are dead. The rains started to shape in a thunderstorm while Alistor was quick to acknowledge Johns closed coffee shop. He parked the car and move out to clean the glasses of front and rear side. Johns, I, Alistor just open the door, I need your help, lauded Alistor. The Doors of the shop opened while, John stood smiling. Yet, again, you are late with some of your passenger drooping’s and you require a very strong coffee, is that true or some other help, Alistor? John asked compassionately. Alistor was usual with his smile which perfectionated his desire of a very strong coffee.

Till I clean my car, you can execute the Plan for a good coffee, said, Alistor. How is Jenny? Jenny is Johns wife, they recently married in William Church where Alistor owned the responsibility as a Transport manager to manage, the family and friends from the Winshiel railway station to Orchardful valley in Walken mountains, where they both got married in William church. She has gone to her mothers Place ,will be bringing her mother for some vacations, here, replied John.

My Car was clean, I have wiped out all the stains of the Droplets and now, I could say that yes, now the visibility is fine. While my both the cloth pieces used for cleaning Car got stained and I manged to wash them through the Tap outside the shop of John’s coffee shop.

Yes Friends, I am, Alistor. Just, I wanted to share my Story with You The reality which, I faced, one Night. The Story under the Name, “They say we are dead” is all for you, enjoy it. 

Alistor meets thundering storm in a story named, “They say we are dead”

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadThe Night is breezy and thundering, I said to Johns, Hmm, but you must avoid driving in such murky conditions, said Johns, his voice was compassionate. Just for Bread and Butter, those two angels and my Parents, I want them to feel happy. Their glittering welcome, when I reach my home impowers me to do all with Joy, for them. Never felt like, I am doing something under some pressure. They adore me and I like to live for them.  Henceforth these murky conditions are not able to stop me from my routine, I delivered authentically to Johns. Thanks for the coffee, It will make me drive, easily, say my hello to Jenny. Visit my Place on Saturday of the coming month, we will enjoy, then. I hastily replied and was quick to lock my seat belt and drive.

Talking to John, has always been Pleasant to me. A very good and helping Young Guy. Manages to live in a quarter having 2 rooms. The small passage paving a away from his coffee shop to his quarter.John Never Likes to miss a service opportunity and People adore him. I was remembering his marriage party. Those old folks dancing to the tunes, some talking of their young age while others whistling for Joy and Pleasure.

The two pair of legs moving in the middle of the road while the story initiates under the name, “They say we are dead”

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadI was abashed within a moment seeing the pairs of Two legs moving within the middle of the road and nearing my car, I managed my Cars focus and got relieved that two Gentlemen’s with their face covered by the Hat were moving. Passengers, I supposed. They floated their hands to stop me. I followed their signal. Hey, gentleman not even carrying umbrella, you both are wet. Yes, we are, a voice of Authority pierced my ears. Request you to drop us near Muskintomb, we must reach Richerview valley. Can you Drop us.

Muskin tomb was in midway to my Abode and, I needed business too. I affirmatively replied, have a seat Sir, while there  are some pieces of Dry Clothes which you can use while sitting. This will help me avoid my seat covers from being wet. Within no time they occupied the seat while, I was on road, again. Feeling pleasure for making some earnings for Saturdays expenses.A-short-story-They-say-we -are -dead-5

Alistor in conversation with two Police officers, in a short story named, “They say we are dead”

Guide-to-indian-tourismWhere are you coming from? I inquired them. Stainford Police station., was the reply. Before, I could ask, another voice came with a reply that they were Police Personals and Posted over there. Yes, Sir, my voice changed. But you could have carried umbrella, I asked them. Seeing them wet. You are right, Alistor, but we manage to keep dry while our coverings are wet. Good Idea. Your raincoat seems to be of Good Quality. Policeman require those, special, clothes, I presumed.

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadYou know my name, I asked them while making myself to view them through the mirror, just located to view back seat activity, while driving, but, I could manage with seeing the hands holding their Hat, which was covering their face, most importantly because they both sat while bending the Head, probably to help my car seat covers from being wet. Policeman know everything, one of them replied. His voice sounding to be very gentle and Polite. Yeh, that is true. I thought of being one of the Popular people.

Now, is it fine with the Police station, I inquired, remembering that it got rattled in one of the mountain slides and All the Policeman on Duty, almost 15 of them got buried underneath, and died. Yes, one of them replied, everything, is usual accept those who died.

Friends and family of the Police officers, in a short story named, “They say we are dead”

But what about their family and friends who might be facing a lot of adversities, I suppose till the grant is sanctioned by the Governance, one of them asked?  Sure, they will be facing, I replied.

Guide-to-indian-tourismYes, Alistor, a voice raised again, but then the Dead Policeman are also having some responsibility which, I think they should complete, the voice was sharp and dominant. Oh, Sir you seem to be Joking, I reverted with a lauded Laugh. How came the one who are dead complete the responsibility, I asked? , but again trying to see their reaction till the light of the heavy Truck from behind swayed my perception of analysing their faces.

A voice came with a reply that the Dead ones can help By promoting the cause of their accident and making the Living persons to realise that the Dead, also had their families which now may be starving for Food and Shelter and Living persons henceforth should support their families. I was not at all convinced but the voice of one of them just like a Policeman who could revert with Police action, if I resonated, left me with no choice than utter my words in my mouth, only.

The role of the Dead Person , in a short story named, “They say we are dead”

Alistor don’t get disgraced we are talking to you as one of our friends, but not like Policeman, a silence of many minutes was broken with a gentle voice. The clouds were thundering with a scared lightening, while I was deeply intruding of how can dead people manage helping for the cause? What these Policeman were talking off? I am not feeling unusual, I reverted.

Since when you are working in Stainford Police station, I asked, almost since last 5 Years, was the reply. But accident only occurred 11 months back, I surprisingly asked? Yes, reverted one of them. So, what, his voice lauded as if raising a question to me? I murmured that, news said all who were on the duty died. A laugh of arrogance sounded in my ears saying, what to do with destiny, Death doesn’t even count that much responsibilities by a person are yet to be completed whom she is otherwise taking away. Yes, you are true, I uttered them.

Passengers Dropped at Muskin Tomb, a graveyard. In a short story named, “They say we are dead”, nearing its end.

I was nearing Muskin Tomb, where almost 5 policeman who Died owing to landslide were buried. Gentleman, I have to drop you nearby or exactly on the gates of Muskin Tomb, I inquired. Drop us near MuskinTomb, Alistor, we know you are in haste to move to your residence so, as we are. I was convinced.

I parked my Car near that huge Tomb and asked for Taxi Charges. Just Hold on a minute a gentle voice replied, we have much to do, to see our Family, their food, help them resolve day to day issues, lot many works. Yeh, I replied. Just give me change as I am running short of change, I told them, as they unoccupied my car. I saw them getting down, when a light of the Truck, I suppose the same one again, flashed My eyes for a moment while my Passengers were not visible to me.

Alistor finds the Passengers, in a short story named, “They say we are dead”

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadI lauded my Voice, where are you? Please pay the Bill, I am not able to see you? I was in anger, I remember. Policeman, how you can escape without paying the Bill? I lauded again.  I gradually moved towards the gate of Muskin Tomb, a graveyard one of the largest. I was mortified. I saw 2 figures Just walking fiercely towards graves and calling them for awakening, the sound gradually converted in Hauling. My feet started trembling and only a 100 metres of distance where, I parked my car appeared to me to be far off. I slowly managed my trembling feet to move towards my car thinking of my Family for whom, I must live. After me doing my best to reach to the Driving seat, I managed my car to start with those shaking hands. Finally, I managed to reach at my Home.

Does Alistor reach his Home with all his good self? in a short story named, “They say we are dead”

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadPerturbed, exhausted and full of fear, I kept on Pushing the Bell, Jennifer was at the Door, what happened, Alistor, you are continuously pushing the Doorbell. Nothing happened, I remember trying to re-collect myself. What about your hand Bag, Lunch Box and water bottle, Jennifer inquired? I will bring them in morning, I rushed with answer. I pleaded her to switch on every Lights of our room, which she did. But her staring eyes were able to read me.

What and why are you fearing for Alistor, tell me? We both will resolve it.  We will surely manage, As usual she was very confident and passionately covered me with her both hands. Nothing to fear, my love she repeated. What has happened, she again asked me, just let me know but before that change your dress and have your dinner.

I grasped her hands and asked her to not leave the dining area till I manage myself in bathroom. As usual I found my night dress in bathroom and was quick to change. Jennifer was waiting outside my bathroom. Her eyes still looking me and managing with comfortable gesture.

Alistor narrates the story to Jennifer, pivot of a short story named, “They say we are dead”.

I followed her in Kitchen till she was on the dinning table. I was fearing to be alone. Everything will be all right she murmured. I nodded my head while managing to complete my Dinner. We were quickly on Bed and I narrated her with all what happened. She gasped and told that you have met with the one of the two souls of Policeman and more importantly you will have to trace their family and just visit them. They Just signalled you with all this, as I can recollect. Jennifer authentically replied. Off course, I will do, but you come along with me., I made my request.

Visit of Alistor and Jennifer to Policemen’s residence, findings of a short story named, “They say we are dead”.

We were on to the graveyard where, I saw them. It was not late than I recognised there were two tombs which those figures neared the other Night. Nicholas and David were the names as deciphered by me through the writing on their Tomb.

A-short-story-They-say-we -are -deadWith some Cakes, Pastries and Snacks which, I have ordered for the Saturday, I managed to find their address. They were survived by their wives and 2 children’s, each. I and Jennifer knocked their individual doors of their cottages and shared with all we have brought, in two gift packages. Their children seemed anxious to unwrap the Gift packages.

The widow wives of the 2 Police persons murmured that now they have visited you, aren’t they? We were surprised, to listen them. Sorry for being disturbed by our late husbands, their wives murmured in discontent, both expressing in their own way. Jennifer was quick to reply that we are not disturbed at all, since now and surely, we will keep on visiting you while you can Join us on our Saturdays.

Alistor and Jennifer Still visit Residence of those 2 Policemen.

Jennifer told that they still carry on caring for you and entire family, I suppose, while we say they are dead. But they are more than alive and with you always. She further expressed. May their Soul rest in peace, she uttered, while symbolising Her offerings to the Almighty.

Back in my car towards our residence, we hastily started our Saturday preparations. I have since observed a drastic change in My Life. Now, I am the owner of a Travelling Company with as many as 8 cars, but we still have a practice to visit the House of those two Policemen’s, might be their blessings have put gear to my Driving Services propagate to a Travelling company. Who Knows? But yeah, Sharing is caring, I have a deep belief.

Moral of the Story

Guide-to-indian-tourismSharing is Caring. More importantly help those who have no one to help them or their Family.


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