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A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

Introduction –A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you? 

The story makes a phenomenal expression of thoughts. The story excites your thoughts; at times it also horrifies you. More importantly it also makes you feel fresh by exploring the talk of the nature. There are additionally many thoughts which are intermingled to ultimately provide you a moral. Mr. Robert Clive is the character of the Story. The story makes you to learn the true meaning of identity. What is the cause of existence of a Person? How to gain the real identity? This story will surely take you to the peaks of emotions. An attempt has been made to create an impression in lieu to realise yourself.

My Start of Journeywho are you?- 

A-Short-Story-On-a-Journey-to-Find-Who-are-you?It was raining heavily while I was Driving my car from the Walken mountains. While my driving I was experiencing as if was really above the world by 11000 mts. obviously because of the road on a heighted mountains. The clouds seemingly were meeting each other as if they had never met before. It seemed as if they were separated for years. The sound of their intimacy was surging as if they were communicating something to each other. The swirling wind blowing was creating yet another voice to prove her existence. More importantly it seemed to show her dominance on the raining water. By providing the direction to the raining water of her choice.

 Mrs. Diana and I – A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

I was driving and enjoying every moments of my drive but with caution. She told me that the roads had very sharp turn and unfortunate high and lows. Therefore the Road was marked with Boards, “Drive with caution”, I suppose. I remember Mrs. Diana saying me to wait till the rain goes. She made me aware of the multiple reasons she new, of the accidents which took place on this Hilly Area of Walken mountains.

Oh, I forget to mention about Mrs. Diana. She is a Data Analyst who works in Franklin Infocom, located in the valleys of Walken Mountains. She is a very good middle aged lady, whom I admire for her intelligence. Undoubtedly she has a very unique way of carrying her natural beauty. This has often lured me to spend time with her, as much as, I can. Alas, the time was short and I was called on urgent basis, to which I responded.

A-Short-Story-On-a-Journey-to-Find-Who-are-you?Listening to sound of flowing wind, the intimacy of the clouds resulting in the rain, gives unique pleasure in driving. But being on a ridge of Walken mountains calls for a caution, as I told you. You can hardly see any vehicles on this accept nearby villagers, walking on the road. My destination was to reach Spring Hills, at my office. Almost 150 Kms of Journey through the Walken Mountains. Evening was shaping up while the clouds were still performing their intimacy; I cornered my Car to a Tea Point. I knew that these Tea Point will close down by 7.00 PM, while I will have to drive till 11.00 Pm through these ridges.

Young Naples John and I – A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

A Young man came near my window of the car when I parked My car. How can I help you Sir?, He asked me loudly. Probably he wanted to overpower the scale of winds sound. I gazed at him and replied for a cup of green tea with a Mint of Tulsi. It seemed to me that somebody was like pouring water in form of rain water on his rain coat. In anticipation to clean the front and rear glasses, I opened the Door of my car and met with the pouring water. The Guy ran towards me and advised to be in the car, till he cleans.

He was loud in his voice but very kind hearted, I suppose. His act couldn’t stop me and I came out of my Car. What is your name, gentleman, I asked him with an authority. Naples John, he lauded, again. Where are you going Sir?, he asked me. To Spring Hills, I answered him. Very far to go, he spoke, His face impressions like resenting me from my further Journey. I have a very urgent call to attend, I replied as I wanted to convince him? Take care, have a nice Journey, he louded again, while I finished my Tea and was on Drivers Seat.

Back to my expedition, I suppose. The evening was surrendering to the Darkness, and I was mentally prepared for the caution. I remembering the few minutes of young Man Naples John, felt that even few moments with good gestures mean a lot in life.

 An approaching umbrella and I – A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

A-Short-Story-On-a-Journey-to-Find-Who-are-you?I was stunned the next moment, I saw an Umbrella approaching my Car. I was abashed.  My legs forced the Car brakes in an attempt to stop the car, instantly. I could only see an umbrella, a black colored umbrella pointing its head towards my front Glass. It started its walk and came near window Pane and knocked it, I was mortified. Due to the subtle vision of the pouring water, I Knew I could not run my car. Obviously I had no option than to open the Window glass. Who are you ? a very gentle voice of a lady, I recognized. The umbrella got unfolded and I saw a Lady, from my window. Her appearance stunned me. I was just seeing her, I remember, without uttering a word. I don’t know where my fear disappeared.

A Stranger lady and I –A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

Her simple dress and the umbrella were not able to fold her beauty from the pouring water. The depth of her Dark eyes like trying to drown me, I memorize. Who are you? The words uttered by her, broke the silence of my silent drowning thoughts. I am Robert Clive. They call me Robs, by nickname, I submissively replied her. Where are you going? She murmured. To Spring Hills. Can you drop me, she gently asked? Yes, I replied, instantly without even asking here, the destination.

I unlocked the car gate and saw her sitting besides she was trying to fold her long black hairs. Shall we move? I asked her. Yes, she replied. My thoughts were creating a wave in my mind. A wave to talk to her. To know her. But I also remembered what the Young Naples John has suggested about caution, in driving. Very Steep risings, I marked on the road . The road was like unfolding her ways through her sharp cuts. I wanted to initiate the Talk but didn’t know how to start with. With such a beautiful stranger who was accompanying me in Dark Night on ridges of Walken Mountains.

In Conversation with Stranger lady – A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

Silence broke with a very gentle voice, Where are you Clive Roberts? I laughed, on the driver’s seat Madam. You mean to say that the body who is driving the car is Robert Clive, she asked Me.? You can say like this, Madam. I replied her. She smiled and gazed at me. The name of the body is Robert Clive than where are you, she asked again? Who is where, madam? I countered her question. She further asked that where is he, who was speaking to her because body don’t speak? Meanwhile the thundering of the clouds increased. The Lightening in the clouds was seemingly like someone was making an attempt to pierce the darkness. I was in caution with my drive.

My Failure In Conversation with Stranger lady-

A-Short-Story-On-a-Journey-to-Find-Who-are-you?I was not able to identify what the beautiful Lady was asking. I am Robert Clive that is it. None asked me beyond this about myself. But the point which she made was also convincing. Who are you ?. Are you the whole part of the body or are you a Part of the Body? I further intrigued myself, that who am I, the Robert Clive? Where am I? Possibly, in my body parts or in my brain or else in my entire body. Than if the entire body is of Robert Clive than what about the one who is speaking, is he also Robert Clive. Do two Robert Clive exist in me? Than who is this me?. What to answer her?.

I was confused but I never wanted to end the conversation. Also, I was also not able to convince myself to answer her. The time was moving fast. I wanted the moments to stop. I also wanted to give her a very charming answer. Possibly I wanted to create an impression. I was truly in difficult times, while still driving my car on the silent road and through an astonishing silence, with a beautiful passenger.

My thoughts and Stranger lady – A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

Gentleman you have not replied me, who are you? Again a gentle voice pierced the silence. This time, it seemed to like challenging me for the authentic answer. Spanning her long hairs back to her shoulders, She was looking like a exact definition of beauty. Possibly she was like trying to explain me some subject. However, I was busy learning the meaning of beauty by admiring her, only. Again I started my silent journey to let my thoughts drown, by her every instincts and Postures. Seemingly, I was not knowing the answer to her question – Who are you?

So, you don’t want to tell who are you, she belligerently asked me? I was shocked by her sudden change in gestures. They altogether surprised me. I reverted her gently that I am Robert Clive, as told you before. She laughed at me, as if she was mocking at my innocence. She further added that if you are Robert Clive than where are you, she further added that she wanted to feel Robert Clive hence she was repeatedly asking the exact existence of Robert Clive.

She told me on utter convincing note that she was searching the address of Robert Clive while I was repeatedly convincing her that Robert Clive is my body. She told me that your Body cannot be Robert Clive because Robert Clive will live after the expiry of the Body. As it has lived before the existence of the Body. It is only the name but not you.

Unexpected Action of Stranger lady –A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

So who are you – She replied. She seemed to be in utter disgust while replying me. She further added that possibly you have never made any effort to realise who are you? by yourself. Your every effort made is in realizing Physical existence, only. You have not even possibly questioned yourself about your individuality i.e. who are you?. It’s possibly that this world has only taught you about Physical Naming. Adorns to Physical appearances, only. World has taught you naming to gain you Physical identity which disdains with the end of your Physical existence. It has possibly not taught you to make you meet yourself. That is why you are not in Position to answer, who are you?.

Gentleman, I thought that today, I will get the answer of my question from a learned Person as you are. Therefore I asked you who are you? Because I am in search to pour my love to only the person who reveals me and answers my question, “ Who are you “?. Please stop the Car. She uttered in discomfort. I was stunned that why she was leaving me? Where she will go in the darkness in such a horrifying Silence?.But I wanted to respect her. Hence, I parked my car, in a corner. I gently asked her where your destination is, this is very dark over here and apart from that, it is raining heavily. I remember I made every expression to create an impression to make her realise that her moving from the Car at this juncture is not welcome by me.

The action, I repented upon –A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

who-are-youI parked my car, while she gazed at me, her eyes like inviting me to know her, feel her, realise her. So gentleman, her gentle voice again baffled my ears, my heart started resonating high. I have to leave you. I can’t travel with a person who cannot even reveal his proper Identity. Who cannot even reply to my question related to his identity? Its risk in travelling with such type of Person, she further added. I will wait for a person who can reply me with my question – Who are you ? Hence you better leave me here, she expressed her stubbornness.

 She opened the door and again spanned her hair on both side of her shoulders, I remember she gazed me in smile, and uttered her last words, I will wait for you, You just come and tell me – Who are you?. A smile which freshens me, even today. She, opened her umbrella and gradually vanished, while I saw her. I saw till she vanished with a thought that for once she will turn her back, and probably we could initiate the Journey. Eventually it didn’t happen. 

A-Short-Story-On-a-Journey-to-Find-Who-are-you?It was the very first time that I realised my heart was sinking. As if it really wanted to cry. Cry loudly to overpower the noise of the wind, the thundering sound of the Clouds. I wanted to recapture the moments spend with her. I really wanted her. I was drowning in silence while it was raining heavily. The Sound of the wipers broke my silence. short-storyThe chirping of the birds invaded my thoughts. I learnt it was dawn time. I sat in my car and reached at my apartments at Spring Hills.

Thought of Always with me –A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

With some heaviness in Heart, and added weights on my legs it appeared that, I was not able to move myself quickly. However, I managed to unlock the door lock. After changing my dress, I looked at Mirror and asked, who are you? The reply was that I am yet to learn. Suddenly a sound resonated in my ear, I will wait for you. Listening the sweetness of the sound, again my cheeks blushed.

My heart felt as if it has yet again started palpating for someone. Someone who is waiting for me. Surely, since then I have realised that she is always with me, waiting for me. Obviuosly in the Walken Mountains.  And I am waiting to know the answer of the raised question, Who are you? Meditation will provide me the correct answer, I have come to Know. Its only after After realizing myself, I will again start my expedition to Walkan Mountains. This time I will let her know everything.

Moral- A Short Story-On a Journey to Find- Who are you?

Be humble, supportive and informative. Love Mother Nature. Observe it. Enjoy it. Identify the prime reason of your existence. Don’t go behind the materialistic world. It’s devoid of even the basic instincts to be taught. And hence there are turmoil’s in life and on Planet, “Earth “. Believe in True love and respect it. Live for it. Live a spirited Life. Meditate and realise the internal beauty

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