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Best 5 ways to stop Covid19 Spread. Just Follow them

Best 5 ways to stop Covid19 Spread Instantaneously  

Best 5 ways to stop Covid19-An Introduction –

Hope you all are doing well. A tiny virus in the name of Covid 19 has utterly shaken our confidence in the persisting Medication system. Let the Scientists do their noble job of researching medication against Covid19. You must initiate your-self fight against this brutal Pandemic. I bet you, you are here to win. Stop this Pandemic. Just follow what I have mentioned. The system of cure is based on Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

Why and how can you rely on this medication? these and similar things are detailed in my previous Blog. Only follow 5 best ways to stop Covid 19.

Fight and Stop Covid 19Just adopt best 5 ways to stop covid 19- Get Instantaneous results

Don’t be surprised that how a small article can claim to stop COVID 19, when the Scientists are yet to provide a remedy ? I am providing you the ideal 5 ways, just follow them. They are ideal and brought to you through mix and match of the ages of researches of Indian Art of Living. The Guide to Indian tourism after their various tours and study has finally brought you the result oriented exclusive and most beneficial study. Just Practice them and stop COVID 19, instantly.

Not I, but your practice and Blood report done after 15 days will surprise you. You will surely find a strong immune system. Your blood samples will prove you.

How to initiate with best 5 ways to stop Covid19, INSTANTLY?

Know your RBC and WBC Counts by immunoglobulin blood Test


I will request you all to get your Blood Test done before starting these 5 best ways to stop Covid 19. Know your RBC and WBC Counts. I want you to scientifically realise the counts of your Army members who are to fight with this Pandemic. Don’t be afraid there is nothing to worry about allergies. We are going to increase our WBC and RBC counts. We are thus going to increase our Body Army to fight and win against Covid19.

Know your immune system

Don’t rely and wait for any symptoms. If you are living in Panademic prone area, just Know your level of immune system. Otherwise I recommend for periodical checkup after 6 Months, for everybody, whose Age is above 25 years. The normal lymphocyte range in adults is from 1000-4800 in 1 microliter of blood. In children it is 3000 -9500. The unusual increase or decrease symbolizes the existence of a disease. Hence, Check your lymphocyte. Obviously, The counts will be mentioned in your immunoglobulin report.

Now You know the strength of your Army. Hence, Now you are in better position and mentally prepared for war, A war against Covid19.

You know your Army. Hence, Now you are in better position and mentally prepared for war, A war against Covid19.

I affirm that these ideal 5 ways are the best ways to STOP Covid19. But additionally they will help you to fight with many Chronic and day to day diseases, also.

My Objective is to make you aware of  the best 5 ways to Stop Covid19 –


My objective is to provide you the cure. The cure based on following fundamentals.         

  1. Eliminating the root cause of the disease.
  2. More importantly I want to provide the cure without any side effects.
  3. An inexpensive cure with multidimensional gains. To pave us the way to gain innate energy. Thus a permanent cure.

These ideal best 5 ways to stop Covid 19 are based on purely natural phenomenon and use of mainly, an organic vegetation. These do not contain any artificial elements, which probably hampers your immune system.


These 5 ways are :-


   1.Time management, one of the best 5 ways to STOP Covid 19. –

The Time management should be in Tune with that of the Mother Nature. Morning is meant to rejuvenate you. Get yourself rejuvenated. See the silent nature, talk to it. Talk what you want. Take deep breaths. Have a 1.25 Ltrs of Luke warm water ( gradually increase your intake within 7 days) swallow water in sips, with the saliva. Don’t spit it. Don’t be in haste. This process is rejuvenating your stomach. Love these moments. Take deep breaths as much as you can. This will provide the required Oxygen to your body cells. The cells will blossom with energy and so your body, also.  Attend to natures call. Vacate your negative energy. See the Chirping of Birds. And start Yoga. – with pranayam. For details on time management, please read our blog – Time Management in tune with Mother Nature. Manage Time in 3 Parts. 


  • Time for you – This is time of  dawn. Here you only practice yoga and meditation. This is the Time when you have to love and care your body. Intimate yourself with Nature. grow plants, spread grains for Birds, Animals etc. For details Please read our Blog

  • Time for work – This is regarding your work schedule. Your meetings,Business schedules, etc. For details Please read our Blog. This is the Day time.

  • Time for leisure – This is the time when you are with your family. Just relax. You can be with your friends, in a social gatherings etc. Talk to your neighbors. Know them. Make them realise that you are there for them, in case they need your help. This is the evening time. Night is for your rest. For details Please read our Blog

     2.Yoga,an ideal 2nd way out of the best 5 ways to STOP Covid 19.

A complete remedy in its own way- There are many patterns and numerous yoga’s. I will talk here about the most important ones, required for the Present world, on urgent basis. I have detailed you the time- line of 90 minutes for your Body. These are detailed as under-Invest 90 Minute and be a member of the wining Team  against COVID 19. Only invest your 90 Minutes. These are for you. Realise the change within 15 days, Only. However minimum of 30 -45 days time is required for proper results.

Post us the comments of the Changes. The world requires your comments.
Share the Truth to the world. yoga-pranayam
  • Body Massage – Use Pure Mustard oil, if living in Hot and Dry weather. For Cold Countries use Mustard Oil + Raw garlic + Clove + sesame oil. Ratio of 1: 0.20:0.20:60. Massage your entire body. Do it for15 Minutes. This opens all blockages, countered by blood in your Body. The Blood circulation starts flowing to every Part of Body. This is required by your Body Cells. This also reduces the chance of Heart attack , brain hemorrhage etc.  Details in Blog.
  • Pranayam The two words Pran + ayama = Pranayam. Pran (breath related to your Soul ). Ayama( restrain). Hence these are the breath restraining techniques. The Parnayama increases healthy Life span. It acts like siphon system in cleaning your Lungs, respiratory organs etc. Simultaneously provides Oxygen to every cell and thus also help in avoiding its degeneration.

Practice Bhastrika, AlomVilom and Kapalbhatti.Practice these Pranayam for 45 Minutes. Attempt Kapalbhatti till you can count 1200 counts in 15 Minutes. These pranayam alone have capacity to encounter 85% of the disease.

  • Surya Namskar– The ultimate combination of 12 Yoga provides you required Vigor, Strength, stamina  and innate Power.
  • Meditation – Just meditate for only 10 Minutes. Close your eyes in gentle way. Sit in a relaxed position, close your mouth. Start taking deep breath through your nostrils. Pronounce OM, when releasing the breath. Your inhaling breath should be recognized by your Navel Area. The meditation helps you heal your mind and soul.

3. Diet Patternone of the most important 3rd way out of the best 5 ways  to STOP Covid19. –

Please read the details from our previous Blog. The time management of the Diet is very Important. Additionally it is very important to Know that what to eat and when to eat. The Indian Ayurveda relates it with the mandatory requirement of the sunlight for the natural digestion of the food. The detail mentioned in our Blog


A proper care is to be taken to realise the importance of chewing the food. The intake of water only after 90 minutes of eating the food is recommended. Otherwise the digestion gets readily effected. The heat in your Jatharagni ( Ayurveda term, the place which acts like a boiler, it has burning flame. The food is digested here. The food turns into required enzymatic juice and waste product, here). intake of water nearly stops the digestion process. As a result of which bad Cholesterol starts to accumulate in your body.

  • Always eat fresh food. Avoid Junk Foods. The foods prepared by using preservatives and chemical additives are prohibeted. 
  • Always eat in neat and ventilated Area.
  • Avoid hasty eating. Chew the food. 32 count of chewing morsel is perfect idea. Pay the gratitude to the Farmers and the God along with Mother Nature, while consuming food.
  • Always provide a minimum of 15% of your food intake to the Animals, Birds or starving people. This will develop positive vibrations.

 4. Ayurveda – one of the most important and ideal 4th way, out of the Best 5 ways to STOP Covid 19

Covid 19 is just a pandemic. Undoubtedly, It is infecting your lungs and respiratory organs. This has created a Panic in today’s world. You be rest assured, It cannot invade your Body. Only keep on practicing, what is requested, by me. What do you want friends?. will you like to have a costly and a branded medicine, with no permanent cure ?or will you like to be cured?  Obviously many will like to be cured, more importantly without having any side effects.

 I will suggest you to buy a good water proof small kit. Keep some natural extracts in it. What are they?covid-19-stop
  • Amla Powder -Have 2 teaspoon of pure Amla Powder. Take it with Honey. Diabetic patient don’t use Honey Bee. Instead use Luke warm water. This is immune booster.
  • Green Tea, Tulsi extract, some cloves -Have green Tea with 5 Drops of Tulsi extract or leaves. This will enrich required Anti-Oxidants. You can have 4- 5 cup of GreenTea in a day. Avoid sugar. The blend of Ginger and clove will enhance the taste and further enrich anti-oxidant properties, also.
  • Ashwagandha Powder– One Tea spoon Ashwagandha, twice, daily. Again a good Immunity booster. This will also enhance your vigor, also. Take it in morning and evening time.
  • Use Gokuruksha PowderGokuruksha One Tea spoon, twice daily. This will strengthen your bones and tissues. This will also enhance your vigor. Take it In morning and evening time.
  • Dalchini Powder mixed with Small green elachi– A very good Antioxidant. Use as a mouth freshener. Chew it whenever you want.Consume 4-5 elachi with 25 gms of Dalchini Powder.
  • Use Neem datun or prepare an organic paste – Take 1/4th spoon of Turmeric powder, add 4-5 cloves, black salt and some mustard Oil. Mix these ingredients to form a thick slurry,a paste used this paste to massage your gums and teeth. Massage your gums by finger. Than clean your teeth by the saliva, formed. Massage your gums and teeth by making your finger run in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Spit the saliva after one Minute. Now use luke warm water and gargle your throat, clean your teeth.

Very important to use your fingers for cleaning your Teeth. And also for massaging your gums.This provides required acqua-pressure, also.

      5.  Smoke Therapy – one of the best fifth way, out of the 5 ways to stop Covid 19-

The Guide to Indian Tourism provides you one of the best therapies. The smoke therapy not only helps to enhance immune system of your respiratory organs but also provides huge amount of oxygen to the Mother Nature. Just not get confused with any spiritual Inducement. It is only for you that, I am providing you the Ideal best 5 ways to Stop COVID 19.

Use the following ingredients –immunity-power

Mix the ingredients. Put them in an Iron Pot. Use kanda ( kanda of Black or Desi cow is the best. Kanda is prepared from Cows waste and water. The slurry is left to dry, under sunlight). Kanda has a very astound biological properties. Its smoke kills germs and bacteria’s. Its smoke also produces high level of antioxidants. Otherwise you can use dry pieces of wood, also. Burn this kanda or wood and then put these ingredients, in such a way that these ingredients produce smoke.  Open the windows and Doors of your house,( open Area, on ground, is advisable for smoke therapy ) during this process. Let this smoke move in your surroundings.

Benefits of Smoke therapy

This therapy helps to develop not only the immunity of your respiratory system, but also enhances the purity level of the Air. You can certainly check it, also. This certainly helps in neutralizing the strength of any Pandemic like COVID 19.

Literature to help you . We have provided many options of Purchases of products in our SERVICE TAB. But some helping books for knowing the subject matter are as stated below                         

Just Post your comments, I only want to listen from you. Devote your time for yourself and for Mother Nature. Nothing will harm you, nobody will dare to stop you. Keep on growing. First help yourself than help others.

Have a Pleasant time. Take a very good care of yourself, Always try to take deep breath, and water in sips, Enjoy.



From all the Team Members of Guide to Indian Tourism. good-health



Our Virtual Touring Journey along with you will start via Posted Blogs. Really they are going to reincarnate you, your entire life style. Just be with us.

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