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Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways FOR CURE

Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways FOR TOTAL CURE

Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure GET 100% RESULT. No medication no side effects ANYALSE YOURSELF . Just Read and Follow. Guide to Indian tourism has written a research based study article to you. We urge you to get the best out of it.

The covid19 has forced the world to lockdown. The people are living a very isolated life during this time. Hence the chances of creeping of another silent disease or a disorder in the name of “Depression” cannot be overruled.

Undoubtedly to understand any topic we are required to know the related history regarding the subject matter and thereafter its symptoms and solutions.

Introduction – A study of Depression: Learn 5 Best ways for total Cure 

Depression:Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure As far as physical causes, a Greek physician named Hippocrates is credited with the idea that depression, or melancholia as was known in contemporary times. Most importantly he mentions an imbalance in four body fluids, namely humors: yellow bile, black bile, phlegm, and blood,cause for Depression.

Depression-Learn-5-Best-ways-for-total-Cure Melancholia and Melancholy were the 2 words used interchangeably until the 19th century. However, the former refers to a pathological condition and the latter to a temperament. The term depression is derived from the Latin verb deprimere, “to press down”.

In simple terms Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression. it certainly affects how you feel, think and behave. Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Understanding of Depression

From A study of Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure

The Team of guide to Indian tourism has indeed relentlessly worked to bring you the zest from the research pages of Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure

Its very simple to understand Depression. Depression = Deep + impression. To simplify the term, I can say that the majority of the Diagnosis reveal that the Patients suffering from Depressions carry a Deep Impression of something in their mind which overshadows their other senses of thinking. Depression-Learn-5-Best-ways-for-total-Cure The patient starts reacting in the shadow of that particular feeling. This particular feeling encases his thought procedure and so his activities. The Brain Mapping of majority of cases has revealed this fact. Additionally Depression can lead to suicide, or permanent Brain disorder, also.

What is this Particular Feeling? Which encases the thought procedures and activities of a Person – A study of Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure –

Without any doubts  it is very much evident that a man loves  Possession. Its immaterial in this case to learn whether this feeling of Possession is of which magnitude and for which thing. But most importantly the creation of an impression of Possession is what matters. When this possession converts into obsession, the depression definitely starts to grab. This desire of obsession adds to the depth of the impression on the mind of the Patient. It obviously varies from person to person. Henceforth there are varied cases of various types and also of varying magnitude.

The studies reveal that the Patients whose mind acquires a strong signal of some possession aided by strong obsession are easily prone to depression. Why does this happen?

Depression-Learn-5-Best-ways-for-total-Cure Undoubtedly because of any incidence in their life which the Brain starts mapping with this particular thought of Obsession. The negative signals related to the failures are normally seen to be mapped with the feeling of Obsession. therefore the Brain starts signaling negative vibrations mixed with the Feeling of Obsession of a particular thing.

As told the Possession can be of numerous types

depression-fearMay be to achieve some defined Target, possession to get love, or a possession to get fame. Likewise there are various magnitudes of desire. These are termed as obsession when one feels that the fulfillment of the desire at any cost is mandatory. Here the desire converts into obsession. Significantly Speaking, This further correlates with a fear of loss of possession, in the patients suffering with Depression. May be Fear of loosing some thing, etc. Henceforth The magnitude of obsession differs from case to case.

The patients in depression starts sending peculiar Signal, Why and when?From A study of Depression made to learn 5 Best ways for Total Cure-

Depression-Learn-5-Best-ways-for-total-Cure In this Case the Brain of the Patient during early stages starts sending signals, related to fear and obsession of a Possession. More importantly these signal gradually gain pace as per the mental health of a Person. Henceforth the Patient in Depression looks normal during early days. Here it is important to note that he gradually starts showing some peculiar Symptoms. Undoubtedly these are related to Pace of Signals send by the Brain. 

The most commonly diagnosed initial symptoms of the Patients from the study of Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure


  1. Their extensive talk to themselves or to some invisible identity. Most importantly it is noted that they often do this in solitude.
  2. They gradually escape from Public Areas. Undoubtedly They give various excuses attributed to escaping. Definitely this escaping from Public gradually becomes predominant tendency of their Personality.
  3. They Significantly avoid following customized schedule of day to day working?. Henceforth they usually wake up in Nights and sleep in Morning. Most importantly these types of Patients also fear Sunlight. But they are also afraid of Darkness.
  4. It’s important to note that these types of patients start creating their own zone. More importantly, They love being in that zone. They henceforth adopt a peculiar style of Living.
  5. It Such Case Patient normally lives in fear. Most importantly they often murmur.
  6. They also carry an illogical reason, attuned with their fear Factor and Style of Living.

In Such Cases these and alike signals are sent by the Patients in the very early Phases of Depression.

Why and when the Patients start sending signals of Depression – from a study of Depression: Learn 5 Best ways for total Cure

Depression-Learn-5-Best-ways-for-total-Cure In Such Cases the Brain Mapping of Patients reveal many conclusions. The most important is when the Fear Factor signals in the Brain of the Patient Overlap the feeling of obsession. The Patient starts fearing to lose what he has thought of possession. Here it is important to note that this negative vibration start increasing their impact on Brain. Obviously creating a negative vibration in the mind of the Patient aided with fear factor.

When the impact of negative signals begins to acquire very large portion of the overlapped signals of obsession, in Brain, Undoubtedly the Patient goes in depression. The impact of negative signals in the Brain start sending negative signals to the Human Body.  This very performance of brain Signal is responsible in creating a false illusion of negativity around the Patient. Most importantly these negative signal are often related to loss of some thing, to which the Patient is Obsessed with.

This illusion of losing something created by mind encases the very thought procedure of the Patient. And gradually he starts living in fear of this illusion of losing. This loss may be related to many things, may be property, his love, his worldly possessions or with his Physical aspects, also. Numerous reasons from past life to accidents are recorded responsible for depression.

Can the Patient having depression be cured? – From A study of Depression: Learn 5 Best ways for total Cure

Yes the patient of depression of any stage can be cured. The remedial procedure will take time depending upon the case history. ( You may mail us the case history to get the 100% Cure ).But he will be cured for Sure. You will be surprised that his cure is not in the medicine but definitely related to providing him with positive energy.

What you have to do for cure of Patent suffering from depression ? Simply we have to remove his negative vibration. And I say confidently that probably no medicine can bring him the permanent cure. Its only through the following steps that He has the chance of being cured permanently.

Please read our detailed Blog related to How to get good health find 3 best ways. You will find every possible way of providing Positive energy.

From A study of Covid19 And Depression Learn 5 BEST Ways for cure –  From Researches of  Indian Art of Living

We provide the best way and believe me these are Ideal in eliminating depression from the very root. These are as follows-

The steps can be termed as-

1. Change Environment or surroundings – The important things to do are as stated below


  •  Initiate a Positive talk with the Patient. Try to frame his confidence. Speak of good things in life to which the Patient has ever thought off.
  • Change his location of Living. By doing this you will break the Bond created by his Mind. He stop seeing and visualizing the routine things.
  • Don’t ever create an evening with dim light. In other words, take him to outing with you. Don’t let him go in darkness. Don’t use dim lights. This will increase the negative signals in the Brain.
  • Don’t live him alone. Let him introduce to the people, by applauding him. Don’t ever initiate negative talks. Always try to change the regular Patterns of your Pillows, bedsheets, Curtains. Use light Curtains, so that sunlight may penetrate.floral-odours
  • Always use some Floral odors’. They should not be repetitive.
  • Let you listen and enjoy some inspiring music. Music and lyrics which strengthen the sprit to face the odds in life. This will help in increasing his confidence.
  • Give some time management task to the Patient, which he can complete, easily. This will divert his attention.
  • Avoid any use of Alcohol and Tobacco.

2. Help to Initiate tuning of the Patient with Mother Nature


This will help him in gaining the early deep breaths. This process will enrich oxygen within the Body Cells. The detail is discussed in our related Blogs. The tuning will not only encourage his will power but also provide him with the divine Power. The sunshine in the dawn will promote is Sleeping senses. The brain will gradually start signaling them.

3. Start to make him practice Yoga


depressionEspecially the Alom vilom, Kapalbhatti, Bhastrika and Bhamiri. The yoga will enrich your entire body mechanism. Your Brain will be refreshed. Always accompany the Patient. Don’t leave him alone.

4. Begin Meditation with him


The meditation is really meant for developing Mental Strength and for catalyzing Sleeping senses. This will again re energize your mental strength.

5. Provide him the Mention Ayurveda Herbs which will help him gain the required energy and vigor –

Use of Swaranbhasm, brahmi, Aswgandha, shankhpushpi and jatamannsi.

Covid19 and Depression: Learn 5 Best ways for total Cure

The existence of the COVID19 has perhaps increased the chances of the depression in the world community. Definitely, the chances have increased due to the increase in the fear factor of the people living across the world. They are compelled to live in an isolated life along with their family, with no work to do. Many issues regarding approach towards life, ego clashes etc. become a routine factor. This further adds to the cause of anxiety and depression.  The concern of the masses regarding their security of future can further add to depression, so can the isolated living, also. During this phase we can not only fight and stop Covid19- Read our detailed Study regarding it – But can also stop the flow of negative vibrations.

You may read good books on the related Subject – Covid19 and Depression: Learn 5 Best ways for total Cure

The Articles which helped us are shared with their Links. You may also update yourself by reading them. –

If any of your friend or relative is suffering from depression. Please send their Records via mail, we will study the case and provide you with the possible remedy.Any type of Patient can perhaps be cured. Mild suffering within 30 -45 days and Severe or chronic case within 60 – 90 days. We re-affirm that he can perhaps be cured provided he follows the given instructions. The cheapest and the surest treatment is only a click away. We do not take any fees for providing our advices. This is only in the interest of the world community. The recommended herbs are to be used by you. You will get their Links for online shopping from our SERVICE TAB.


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 Have a Pleasant time. Take a very good care of yourself, always try to take deep breath, and water in sips, Enjoy.




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